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Pyron Cyclone - Brother

Cryos Cyclone - Brother

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Evirak Romanus - Nemesis


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Hellrath Cyclone

Hellrath - Half Dragon

Hellrath Cyclone is the Cyanican leader of the The Undead Legion. He is driven by his ambition to expel the Zestronites and Phazons from Earth.



Hellrath was born on Cyanic along with his 2 brothers, Pyron and Cryos. He didn't get along with his brothers and tended to avoid them. The only one he ever really spoke to was Cryos. When Hellrath was of age, he joined the Cyanic military and was soon promoted to a high rank. When the Zestronites invaded, He faught until his last breath. He was taken into custody by the Zestronite army where he met Evirak Romanus in person. Evirak showed Hellrath the things he had done to Cyanic. This mentally ruined Hellrath forcing him to grow a hatred for Evirak. Evirak had captured both of Hellrath's brothers and also experimented on them. Evirak merged Hellrath with the element known as Nefronium. He merged Cryos with his own Ice, and he merged Pyron with lava. With their new powers, they managed to escape. The brothers separated and fate brought Hellrath to Earth.


Hellrath started his new powers to ressurect the dead to serve him. Hellrath entered Evirak's tournament on Earth and was one of the 5 winners. When he saw Evirak however, his rage built up and he charged at him. Evirak however uses Exon energy to expel him out of the arena. He has not been seen since.

Mind ControlEdit

Hellrath was discovered having crashed in the woods of Scotland by Drake. Hellrath said he could get Drake to London in minutes so he could defeat Evirak. Hellrath teleported with Lost Heroes to a London ally way. In an attempt to attack Evirak while he was giving his speech, Evirak filled Hellrath's head with Exon energy. Evirak now controlled Hellrath and made Hellrath attack Drake. Drake however only just managed to defeat Hellrath and Hellrath was taken to a Zestronite medical ward.

Freedom FightersEdit

After Freedom HQ suffered heavy bombardment by Ruselt, Hellrath was sent to try and make the Freedom Fighters join the Zestronites. Hellrath's request wa denied resulting in him attacking the Freedom Fighters. After getting into a power struggle with Warren and Armadaus, He was blasted and he was forced to retreat back to Antarctica. A few days later, Freedom Fighters crash landed in Antarctica having stopped Project Power-Over-Matter. They all fell into a crevice (discluding Grey, Trish and Jackson, who went to find Grey's ship). They discovered Hellrath sitting on the ice throne, healing from his wounds. He ordered that his undead soldiers attack the Freedom Fighters. Warren and Bzine were bitten and Hellrath informed them that they will soon become an undead soldier. Grey had discovered his ship in Antarctica and flew to the others. He rescued them as Hellrath was about to fire a powerful Nefron blast.

Army of the DeadEdit

Evirak's mind control soon wore off over time and Hellrath was once again independant. He decided that, to destroy Zestronite influence on Earth, he would need to increase the size of his army by spreading Nefronium energy across the Earth. He could do this by infecting the dead with Nefronium, therefore ressurecting them as his soldiers. These soldiers could then infect others, therefore increasing the size of the army. He began by ressurecting all the dead bodies discovered in the Antartctic and creating enhancing his control over the soldiers by resting on his throne. He enhanced his power over even larger areas with his staff. Soon, he invaded Argentina and the southern areas of Australia with his army. Haler then arrived to try to make him to explain why he has taken over. Hellrath, however, trapped Haler in his own division of Hell. Hellrath went to Freedom HQ where he tried to get the Freedom Fighters on his side. Things don't go to plan, where only Vzark and Cade side with him, causing the other Freedom Fighters to fight them, after Vzark was forced to choose between his friends and his goal by Calitis, Hellrath attacked the latter, only to be shot in the chest with a large shard of ice belonging to Phazaron, the Freedom Fighters all soon attacked Hellrath, who summoned a behemoth to fight, but it was slain by Phazaron. Soon, Hellrath is injured in a fight with Vzark and Zaris. Hellrath stumbled through a portal back to the Antarctic, but he is followed by the others. Hellrath destroyed the ice plateau they were on and Warren fell down into a glacial moulin, however, he was able to climb into an underground ice cavern. Hellrath retreated back a few steps but out of nowhere, a Zestronite ship landed and Nearan emerged. Nearan brutalised Hellrath and taunted the Freedom Fighters so they would fight him. An explosion suddenly occured from under the ice, having been caused by Warren's explosives. During the panic, Hellrath managed to open up a portal to his own division of Hell and escape.


Hellrath has the ability to control Nefronium. He is able to use this to raise the dead successfully as his minions, because Nefronium is a key component in the composit of Hell, he is able to enter Hell at his own leisure. He can also send anyone who belongs in Hell back to Hell, such as the True Demons Vxavuk and Zander. Like his brothers, he can transform into a dragon, as well as being able to wield a sword with deadly precision.