Helioptican Ammonitia Quadroceptus


Freedom Fighters

Race Tetrocombian

Deciduous Quadroceptus - Father

Ginevra Quadroceptus - Mother

Hardware Quadroceptus - Brother

Cade Quadroceptus - Brother

Decerus Quadroceptus - Grandfather

Orion Quadroceptus - Brother

Seamus Quadroceptus - Nephew

Phazenus Quadroceptus - Sister-in-Law




Freedom Fighters


Hardware Quadroceptus - Nemesis

Orion Quadroceptus - Nemesis

Evirak Romanus - Nemesis

Lyra Ozarius - Arch Nemesis


Helioptican -

Helioptican (Battle) -

Hammer of a Thousand Fist -

Helioptican (Superpowered) -

Helix -

Helioptican Quadroceptus is a Tetrocombian and a powerful member of the Freedom Fighters. She is notable for her signature weapon, the Hammer of a Thousand Fists.



The Hammer and the EarthEdit

The date she obtained the Hammer of a Thousand Fists is unknown, but she retrived it from an ancient temple she and Cade found in space. After she grabbed it, it sent a powerful energy surge into her body and gave her hexagonal markings on her face and the wrist on her right hand. Helioptican and Cade later travelled to Earth after learning their brothers, Hardware and Orion, were here, and both sought to destroy them. Unfortunately, their pod collided into another (Belonging to Drake, Warren and Gero), leading to Cade and Drake being sucked out of their pods. Helioptican, her pod and Drake landed in Brazil while Cade and the other pod landed in England.

Freedom FightersEdit

After landing, Helioptican wasted no time hiding away, while Drake had some trouble. Later, she arrived in Ohio and spotted a fight occuring, she flew closer and saw Zaris, Drake and Wallace fight Ruselt. She aided them after learning they knew Cade, and managed to repel Ruselt and Tambourine, who arrived for a bounty on Zaris' head. Later, Evirak arrived and captured the group and interrogated them, but the Akane Clan attacked the Zestronites' ship. Evirak attempted to use Helioptican's hammer, but felt excruciating pain in touching it.

Dealing with Ruselt and the Magma DomeEdit

After a reunion with Cade, Helioptican went with her brother, their comrades and Gero to attempt securing an Exon Crystal to keep Evirak from using it. Unfortunately, the Zestronites had it first, but the group managed to take it from them. The Zestronites managed to reclaim it and attempted to use it's power, but Warren had pinned Ruselt into the core of the X-Aren, killing Ruselt. Jake Rasture sacrificed himself while the others escaped. Helioptican later assisted the others battle the Legion of Phazon, but she was defeated by Orion.

Other ConflictsEdit

Helioptican later fought Verruckt and the Azure Dragon, leading to them both escaping after the battles ended. Helioptican and Mari-Anne were forced to fight Cade after he fell subject to Rhydiac's mind control. Helioptican was present when the group fought the Akane Clan and was captured alongside her comrades. After escaping, Helioptican helped fight the Aztec forces and Matrix, their leader. Helioptican was later trapped in the Forest of Torment. She later helped out in various other battles, including two battles against Rhydiac, an assault on a Brazilian warehouse and acting as back up on the botched attack against the Zestronites. She also helped explore the Island of Babylon and the Xenovian asteroid. She later fought her sworn enemy, her half-brother Zion. She also gave great assisstance during the quest for the Almanacs, the battle against Korgan, the brawl on the Wing Fortress and the quest on Phazon.

Awakened PowerEdit