Hardware Finitevus Quadroceptus


Legion of Phazon


Marauder of Steel

Mecha Hardware

Mecha Hardware Ω

"Chrome Dome"

Race Tetrocombian (Later Machine)

Deciduous Quadroceptus - Father

Ginevra Quadroceptus - Mother

Zion Quadroceptus - Brother

Helioptican Quadroceptus - Sister

Cade Quadroceptus - Brother

Decerus Quadroceptus - Grandfather

Orion Quadroceptus - Brother

Seamus Quadroceptus - Nephew

Phazenus Quadroceptus - Sister-in-Law

Lyra Ozarius - Romantic Interest

Occult - Pet

Razor - Pet

Axon - Pet




Phazorus Rezfarda - Superior

Cato Legolias - Comrade

Phazalis Recetus - Comrade

Phazar Rodimus - Subordinate

Phazald Rodimus - Subordinate

Jarrod Glanluca - Assisstant

Barack Obama - Forced Subordinate

Novac Talybieus - Comrade

Orion Quadroceptus - Comrade

Seamus Quadroceptus - Subordinate

Phazenus Quadroceptus - Subordinate

Blaize Rezfarda - Comrade

Daedric Rezfarda - Subordinate

Daedalus Rezfarda - Subordinate

Legion of Phazon


Ketri Cadius - Arch Rival

Risu Cadius - Rival

Freedom Fighters

Trion Resistance


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Black Iron -

Sphere of Destruction -

Hardware Quadroceptus, later known as Mecha Hardware or the Marauder of Steel, is the second in command of the Legion of Phazon, and is a very strong, yet political figure, he is directly below Phazorus himself.


Early Life

Hardware was born as the second son of Dedicious Quadroceptus. At a young age, Hardware was eager to join the military of Tetrocombinus, and became supreme general within years.

Hardware and Saldon

During travels through space, Hardware met a feline-like being known as Saldon. They began travelling together and became close friends. Later, they plotted to kill Saldon's father. After some time, Saldon and Hardware were forced to separate due to Shaborn, Saldon's mother, giving birth and an event occuring on Hardware's homeworld.


Hardware was met by Phazorus, emperor of Phazon, who made Hardware an offer he could not refuse, and became part of Phazorus' newly formed Legion of Phazon. They then took over various planets and added them to their rule. Sometime later, Hardware met Saldon again, and Saldon became part of the Legion, although they were separated as Saldon was tasked with taking over the Adjuchas homeworld.

Phazon-Squirreldonian War

Hardware later found a planet on the rim of the Solar System, a series of planets ripe for taking. This planet was known as Squirreldonia, and Hardware sent a full invasion on it and it's neighbouring planet, Eris. Hardware met it's king, Ketri, for the first time, and became sworn enemies. Ketri later fled the planet in order to keep it safe from their control. Unfortunately,  Eris did not share this fate, and was taken over. Hardware then sent his men to take over other planets in the Solar System. After learning of Earth thanks to October, Hardware returned to Phazorus, and had Phazald Rodimus sent to carry out operations on the planet.

Arrival on Earth

Hardware arrived on planet Earth a short while after the death of Phazald Rodimus, a commander of the Legion, to oversee the workings on Phazald's younger sibling Phazar. Hardware was soon given direct order to take full control of the Legion's Earth operations, and seize control over North America. Hardware succeeded and forced President Barack Obama to do as Hardware commands, or else his family are to be executed.

Operation Oregon

Hardware then rewrote Phazar's plans for Operation Oregon, making it go from being turned into a giant prison to being turned into a sandy wasteland, and used the Phazons' Sand Nullificator ship to turn the entire American state into sand, including the inhabitants and some Phazons in the radius. The Freedom Fighters would have perished if it was not for Zaris' intervension. Hardware then tested a physical element of Desolate Oregon, bringing a captured prisoner in, and forced them to walk aimlessly. The prisoner soon went insane, running around for a chance of escape, before turning into a pale being slowly wandering across the desert, becoming the first Wanderer. Hardware then ordered more people to be walked into the desert to be turned into Wanderers

Operation Mousetrap

Hardware began to get annoyed with the Freedom Fighters' inteference with his plans, as well as the Wanderers leaving the desert and spreading. So he decided to wall off the desert, attempting to trap some of the members in the process, managing to capture a few. The capture affected Wallace's athsmatic problems, and turned the Phazon guards holding them still into more Wanderers. Luckily, the Freedom Fighters were able to escape thanks to Carroon and Jack's intervention with a helicopter.

First Confrontation with Risu

Hardware later sent a destruction team headed by Phazar to Rhode Island, where they wrecked the homes of the Freedom Fighters, as well as the school some of the members went to. Risu's parents Ketri and Iota, and Carroon's mother Candace, were captured and bought to Cuba, which as a whole was turned into an industrial prison. Some of the Freedom Fighters headed to Cuba to rescue them, only for Risu to be locked in, and Hardware appeared, and began viciously beating him. Risu then attacked back and a fight ensued, the other Freedom Fighters were able to escape the mighty Omega Wastelander and got out of Cuba safely. Hardware barged Risu through a wall that led outside, and Risu hid in the fog. Hardware fired a gun at what he thought was Risu, but it was a prisoner. Hardware left annoyed.

Operation Bio-Island

Hardware later oversaw Operation Bio-Island, which was successful. Hardware then ordered a Phazon base be built here. This become the base of operations for both him and Cato.

Operation Bermuda

Hardware later oversaw the creation of the Bermuda Tower on Bermuda, he later ordered the construction of the destructive Bermuda Cannon, which was tested on Xanian territory. The tower was later sieged by the Freedom Fighters, who managed to knock the tower down, while Hardware was seemingly killed in an explosion.

Phazorus' Arrival

Hardware managed to survive, having been reduced to a brain, which was salvaged and placed in a jar. Phazorus later arrived on Earth to oversee all operations on Earth.

The Coming of Steel

Hardware was given a strong mechanical body on orders of Phazorus, he later became known as Mecha Hardware.

Return to the Battlegrounds

After learning that a Freedom Fighters team were heading into space, Phazorus sent Hardware to follow them to acquire the location of Freedom HQ, and then destroy everyone on their ship. While in space, Hardware was quick to realise that the Freedom Fighters were headed to Squirreldonia, and contacted the Cyan Warphade, which is directly above Squirreldonia's neighbour, Eris, to intercept them by either slowing them down or forcing them to crash. Fortunately, Vzark activated the ship's cloaking and flew off of the warship's detecttion radius.

Hardware himself arrived on Squirreldonis moments after the Freedom Fighters had set up a small campsite. While searching for his foes the next morning, Hardware found their campsite, now abandoned, and after spotting the Endurance Tower in the distance, realised they were on a goal to collect the Squirreldonian Crown Jewels. While they were climbing, he intercepted them and immedeatly attacked Warren, and then turned to Risu, demanding he spill the location of Freedom HQ. The other Freedom Fighters attempted to fight back, but he was able to resist attacks from both Vzark and Warren, but before they could continue, Risu forced them to press on ahead, while he face his nemesis alone.

Hardware began brutalising Risu despite his best defence, and forceibly lodged him into the wall. Hardware then began mocking his foe by insulting his pride, fallen kingdom and father, to which Risu responded to in a burst of rage and turned the tables on Hardware, managing to sever his mechanical arm. Hardware responded to elbowing Risu in the back of the head, knocking him out, and quickly fled before the others could return to give medical attention.

While being repaired and upgraded on the Cyan Warphade, Hardware met the recently created Corruption, as well as Ganken, who had been fitted with cybernetics. Hardware then forcibly sent an entire squadron to attack the Wind Tower on Squirreldonia, sending Ganken and Corruption along with them during the assault.

Skirmish in the Magma Dome

Hardware later laid a trap for the Freedom Fighters by waiting for their arrival. He and his comrades later assaulted and nearly defeated them. Fortunately, Ketri arrived and fought Hardware alone, and managed to destroy him, unaware that Hardware managed to preserve his conciousness, mind and memories.

The Aztec Uprising

The Freedom Fighters were captured by the Legion after they were discovered fighting a new organisation known as the Akane Clan. Hardware had them all imprisoned and had Cade and Helioptican used as batteries. When Hardware prepared to torture Trish, Risu managed to break out of his container. Hardware tore Trish's container from the floor and flew off, followed closely by Risu, with the chase leading to the top of the Empire State Building. Risu demanded Hardware to free Trish, but Hardware instead threw the container Trish was in off of the building, however she was saved by Risu. Hardware prepared to attack them, but the three were attacked by the Aztec armies of Matrix, who had sent them to kill all life on Earth. Risu and Hardware teamed up temporarily to fight them, and took the fight to Matrix. However, Matrix destroyed Hardware's current body with ease.

Weaponix is Born

Hardware did numerous tasks, and later found a human girl unconcious on a street. He took her in to safety and reconstructed her into the menacing Weaponix.

Battle for the Infeugo Bomb

After a few commissions to Chadwell, Hardware was amongst the troops that were on board the Vulcular Metrotrain. After the Freedom Fighters boarded the train, he fought Armadaus for a while and then fought Risu, but then Equilatrium and members of the Trion Resistance arrived to steal the Infuego Bomb on board, which the Freedom Fighters wanted to get rid of. With the help of Grey, the Freedom Fighters took the bomb, and Risu and Vzark decided to humiliate Hardware by freezing him to the train. Equilatrium managed to escape, but Hardware's body was destroyed when the train entered a tunnel.

Sibling Brawl

Hardware was soon alerted of his older brother Zion's presence, and flew there to greet him. However, Zion was already facing off against the Freedom Fighters, so Hardware decided to get involved, but the Freedom Fighters escaped.

Moonlit Shadows

Hardware later appeared in the Bermuda Caves, where he confronted the Freedom Fighters, attempting to claim the Quartz Almanac for himself, but a battle soon erupted between him and Vzark, who entered his Werewolf form. Vzark eventually took the Almanac and escaped.

Wing Fortress

Hardware led the Grandmasters into battle on the Wing Fortress, where he fought Risu. The brawl was going well until Hardware activated his new Turbo Gear, which allowed him to attack Risu at a high speed. Before he could finish Risu off, Ketri arrived to intervene.

Hardware on Phazon

Hardware assisted Phazorus while he was on Phazon. While he was here, he learned of the Freedom Fighters's presence and left to assist Phazero in attacking them. After he arrived in the Nothern Tundra, Hardware fought with Vzark in a rematch, fulfilling the vision they both saw from the Almanac. The battle ended with Hardware and Phazero retreating. He later kept tabs on the Freedom Fighters' whereabouts, and watched as the Arms of Phazon attacked Phazacropolis. Hardware later confronted the Freedom Fighters when they attempted to gain entry to the Great Palace's vaults, but let them pass when Kythor challenged him. As soon as they entered, the vault slammed shut, and Hardware revealed he set a trap for them, as two Hardware units attack them from inside. Hardware's mind shifts from the current unit, which attacked Kythor, who managed to gain control of it, destroy the vault's door and the other two units, before making the unit she possessed blow itself up. As the Freedom Fighters made their way to their ship, Hardware attacked yet again, downing their ship. Before he can cause any more harm, he is shot down by the Jackal, which arrived in the nick of time to whisk the Freedom Fighters to safety.

The Chase

After watching Phazorus lose the Source to Phazteagle, Phazorus ordered Hardware and five drones to chase the escaping Freedom Fighters and Arms Fighters. Despite the drones being downed, Hardware showed great persistance and tailed the Kandoran Hornet, unaware that Risu, Phazteagle, Zaris and Calitis had escaped from it. He managed to board the ship, and found Jack alone. Jack taunted Hardware and revealed that Phazteagle had escaped, but before Hardware could give chase, he found his foot melted to the deck, and that Jack had a bomb. The bomb went off, and the two were consumed by it's explosion, which was amplified by the destruction of the Hornet's engine. The wrecked ship plummeted to the sea afterwards. Hardware soon dispatched another unit to attack Outpost Zeta, where he tried to destroy the entire base with a sphere of solar energy, but was stopped by Zaris, who was in his Capricornus form. Later, Hardware watched in panic as the Enderbane laid waste to various Legion-controlled buildings, and tried to defend Phazorus from Phazteagle and Risu, but was destroyed in one attack by Phazteagle using her new powers.

Omega Upgrade

Storming SIADA

Grudge Match

Hardware vs Ryloth

Operation Clean Sweep

Operation Smoke Out


Hardware is very arrogant and cunning, and can sometimes be rash and upbeat. Hardware can be angered very easily, and will not hesitate to kill somebody. Hardware can also hold grudges, and strives to win at all costs. Hardware may also be driven mad by defeat.

Weapons and Abilities

Hardware weilds two flintlock pistols, and has a large black sword with his name carved to the side in Phazonic Symbols, it has a red blood stain on the blade itself. Hardware has remarkable strength, being able to lift a small ship with minimal effort, a task incapable to the average person. Hardware has the immunity to electricity and temperature change, being that he is a Tetrocombian, Hardware also has the ability to fly. As a Combian, Hardware can get a large power boost after near death, and has a huge appetite. As a Tetrocombian, he has electronic kinetic powers and a number of ice-related abilities. Hardware can also survive injuries, no matter how horrible they are.

Mecha Hardware

In the form of Mecha Hardware, Hardware gains the ability to create energy spheres, he also has distinct pyrokinetic powers, and a vast number of new ice-related abilities and techniques which he couldn't originally use. Mecha Hardware also has built-in arsenal which he recieves in a second upgrade, including rocket lauchers, a flamethrower, and a machine gun. He also gains a jetpack, having lost the ability to fly due to his wings being destroyed along with his torso and legs. Mecha Hardware also gains the Wastelander ability of "rabbit leaping". A third upgrade gives him strong platonic armour made of Silver Palladium and Silicon Carbide, two of the strongest metals known to man, alowing him to be protective against all metal-based geokinetics, as well as having heat resistance, allowing him to travel to Earth's core for one of Phazorus' operations. Hardware is also able to download his own mind and conciousness onto a Phazon computer. After Kythor is discovered to be helping the Freedom Fighters, the Phazons remove her from their supercomputer, affectively replacing her with Hardware. While in the Supercomputer, Hardware has complete control over all computers across the Phazons' Earth territory, as well as being able to take control of computers and such from Phazon-controlled planets, including Vexia, Xanex, his own homeworld Tetrocombinus, and Phazon itself, effectively making him aware of any rebellions or civil wars that take place, Hardware can also dispatch several drones of himself, although these versions are weaker than his main robotic form.

Turbo Gear

The Turbo Gear is an attachment Hardware created which was first seen on the Wing Fortress. While using the turbo gear, Hardware gains a pair of wing-like jet boosters, and his overall speed increases drastically. While using the Turbo Gear, all of Hardware's active boosters are given added power, and smoke continuosly bellows from his jaw and shoulders. Hardware can also fire solid light from two ringlets on his new turbo wings when using the Turbo Gear.

Mecha Hardware Ω

Mecha Hardware Ω is the form Hardare takes after creating new upgraded versons of his body, which he uses features found in the older models, while also adding new ones, including an ability based on Cade and Orion's Redline powers, where he gains odd red glowing marks on his body when he uses them, and upgraded fists that can create powerful shockwaves when they hit the ground, he also has some weapons copied from that of Azure Dragon, Pyre, Utah, Saurian and Cretaceous. The Ω form is also slightly bulkier than all previous versions, and has Zaetonite laced into each of their bodies, giving each of them very strong durability. The Ω form also has a built pulse cannon, a crossbow on the wrist and ringlets on the palms that can fire blasts. The Turbo Gear is present in this upgrade. The Ω form has an Omega symbol on it's chest, which glows red when he uses his Redline-like powers. He also has minature Vapor Cannons located inside his hands.

Opinions and Relationships

  • Phazorus - Hardware has great respect for his leader and emperor, and will satisfy his demands, even going as far as to do actions in the name of the Legion. 
  • Risu - Hardware ultimately hates Risu to the core, and will go to desperate means just to rid himself of him for good. He also blames Risu for the reason he lost his body.
  • Ketri - Hardware hates Ketri as much as Risu, and often regrets letting him escape the war of Squirreldonia. Hardware especially hates Ketri for destroying his brain, which was what he had left of his flesh body.
  • Phazar - Hardware views Phazar as a loyal Grandmaster that can be sometimes incompetent
  • Lyra - Hardware loves Lyra, and enjoys her company and loyalty to him.
  • Evirak - Hardware views Evirak as a sardonic fool who can easily make a mistake in using his power. He respects his intelligence and charisma however.
  • Karvon - Hardware views Karvon as a mockery to his own race and an unfit leader. He often predicts Karvon's arrogance and pathetic nature will be his downfall.
  • Cato - Hardware views Cato as a rival.
  • Freedom Fighters - Hardware despises the entire group, he sees their goal as a lost cause.
  • Cade - Hardware hates his younger brother for unknown reasons, and wishes to kill him as much as he does with Risu.
  • Helioptican - Hardware has some respect for Helioptican, but hates her for aiding the Freedom Fighters, he also sees her as one of their strongest, considering her amajor threat.
  • Orion - Hardware is often confused by his younger brother's methods, but finds his barbaric attack choices amusing and pleasurable.
  • Zion - Hardware respects his older brother since he is considerably one of the strongest members of the Legion, possibly even stronger than himself.
  • Kythor - Hardware sees Kythor as an inferior computer, and wishes to delete her.


  • "Monster? I am no monster! I am the Devil!
  • "I have the strength to destroy a thousand suns, you are just a mere wall that can easily crumble!"
  • "Why don't you come down here and fight me like a man!?"
  • "You cannot win. It's useless to resist my power!"
  • "I run an entire network where I can see anything of Phazon control. What do you have?"
  • "I will pry your skull from your body with my cold metal hands!"
  • "FACE ME!!!"
  • "You'll never see your precious Earth again!"
  • "Know my power!"