Haler Rivikai


Zestronite Empire


The Prince of Chaos - Demons

Vxavuk - True Name

The Bard of Chaos - The Prophecy

Harbinger of Dread - Low Class Demons

The Demon - His old Bandit Clan

The King of Hell - Role

Vxavuk of the House of Rivikai - Prefünde

Race True Demon



Cato Hostinyus

Kyrax Romanus

Evirak Romanus

Zander - Relation Unknown

Zvraki - Pet



Drake Ryunexo - Arch Rival


Base Form-

Omega Form-

Diablo Form-

Demons Rise-

Demon Apocolypse-

He Sings of Chaos -

Haler Rivikai is a mysterious figure that only few people know. He keeps himself hidden but has tendencies to have himself seen by causing mayhem, destruction and death.
Haler Rivikai

Haler Rivikai


Early LifeEdit

Haler's father, a Volkren was seducted by a female demon who became pregnant and birthed Haler. Haler was forced into Hell because of his Demon blood and soul forever. Haler escaped Hell as a teenager and was released in Denexium. He did horrible crimes, became the most wanted criminal on Denexium and was banished to earth. Meanwhile, a secret cult called the Followers of Anakuth, created six Relics and sent them to Earth so Haler would be sent back to Hell.

Earth BoundEdit

Haler knew he was being sent to Earth and decided to take revenge on Denexium for banishing him. Years after he was on earth, he was secretly killing humans and was the cause of a fair amount of human dissapearences. He felt some sort of otherworldly force tearing his soul back to Hell. He found out the cause was because a cult had created six Relics to seal him back to hell. He has made it his main goal to use these Relics to open the door to hell, summon an army of demons and destroy anyone apposing him.


Haler had noticed three large armies starting on earth, knowing they wanted to take control of earth, he went towards the Zestronite Empire because he felt it was the best choice. Haler would go through any means neccasary to summon his army of demons, and if it meant allying with others, he would do so.

Breaking the Seal of SilenceEdit

Haler had decided to start hanging people and families in forests or anywhere slightly descreet, wether in a cavern or on a mountain. After hanging them, he would either write in Blood, or green paint, "Haler wuz here" to attract attention. Even if it only caught slight attention, he would do it over and over until people of signifagance had noticed.

Let the Games BeginEdit

Haler took part in the Zeklag Tournament to win and gain a part in the Zestronite Empire. He was bet on many times and killed majority of the contestants. During his fight with Hellrath, another strong oponent, Evirak anounced the winners of the tournament and held a feast for the winners. After the feast, Haler joined the Zestronite Empire, and introduced Evirak to his plan of collecting the Relics and summoning an army.

Unwelcome GuestsEdit

Evirak had captured the Lost Heroes, who consist of Drake, Typhoon and Warren. Haler had asked Evirak to talk to Drake, and he allowed him to. He began to ask tormenting questions until Warren was thrown into the cell. He began to beat up Warren infront of Drake until Drake got out of his restrains and tried to stop Haler. Haler overcame Drake and made him submit. Haler then took his leave. Later on, Evirak was interrogating Drake and Haler shapeshifted into Typhoon, and faked getting shot in the head to torment Drake. Drake got out of his restrains again, and Haler got into a fight with Drake. Before Haler almost killed him, Evirak made Haler stop.

Execution Canceled Edit

The Lost Heroes were taken back down to earth to be executed, but before they were killed the Gherikan Resistance had stopped the execution and the Lost Heroes began to run away. Haler had flew after them and began to atttack, later on, Haler had fired a Chaos Strike at Typhoon, un able to counter it, and took it head on. Typhoon was reduced to ashes, creating a Hell Hound from them for Haler to have as a pet. Drake and Haler got into a massive battle, both introducing new forms. Before they could attack each other with their new forms, more than 600 Zestronites apeared and interupted the battle. Haler had kicked Drake to the ground and reverted him to his base form, where Evirak would kill him. But before Evirak fired at Drake, Gero, the leader of the Gherikan Resistance had grabbed Warren and Drake and teleported them away.

The General EmergesEdit

Haler had noticed a sense of energy that seemed familiar. He sent out a squad to investigate, in which they found out it was the True Demon, Zander. A Demon General who was banished into the Rift, and later escaped from it. Haler took Zander in and made him a general again to work for Haler.

Ambush in Freedom HQEdit

Haler and Hellrath were ordered to attack Freedom HQ by Evirak, in which they obeyed. They found Freedom HQ and Haler attacked, but Haler underestimated them and was defeated. Hellrath came in to try and negotiate with the Freedom Fighters to have them surrender, in which they declined, triggering Hellrath to attack them, and Hellrath was also defeated. Haler and Hellrath left with Haler's demon army, but two demons had stayed and attacked the Freedom Fighters, a Brute, and a Kevek. They crippled the Freedom Fighters, but were defeated.

Relic HuntEdit

In order for Haler to summon his army, he needed to find the six Relics of Hell to do so. After he found the first four relics in Rhode Island, Central Africa, Russia and Greenland, the Cult that was planning to send Haler to Hell long ago, after years of waiting their soul tearer activated and Haler was forced into Hell. He took an etheral form to appear on Earth, and had help from Hellrath to get the other two Relics in Australia and Japan. After he did so, Hellrath took the Scepter of Chaos and opened Hell for Haler. Haler's army had been released.

The Dragon WakesEdit

Haler escaped Hell in the form of his true self, his diablo form named Vxavuk. He scoured the earth with his army, testing it until he decided he had his fun. He headed towards Mt.Elbrus, to claim land for himself and his army. He ordered Demon workers to create Demon Strongholds all over the earth, and inside the earth itself, so no territory could escape the Demons.


Vxavuk (Haler) had gone to Mt. Elbrus and transformed it into Mt. Zekanik. It is now a gigantic demon stronghold in which the dirt and stone is purple and black, with inside temperatures reaching 200 Degrees Farenheit. Vxavuk headed to the top of Mt. Zekanik and made it his main lair, where his throne resides and all of his other necesities.

Forest of TormentEdit

Long after Haler had summoned his army, he became stronger than ever before. He found a way to reach into different dimensions that he could control, one being the Forest of Torment. It was a dark and foggy forest, filled with Wraiths, Demon Spawn and even things from nightmares themselves. If someone entered the Forest, they would see their loved ones, mutilated, being killed, hanging, everything they fear happening to them. The victim would stay in the Forest for eternity and be driven insane, and soon enough become a Wraith, as no one ever dies fully in the Forest. If they die, they are simply "respawned". Powers of all kinds are deactivated as well, no matter how godly. Haler took this dimension to his advantage. He captured some of the Freedom Fighters to "test" out this dimension and threw them into the Forest of Torment. Moments after they were in the Forest, Haler pulled them out, as they found a True Demon residing in the Forest, Haler killed the True Demon and took her power, and had the Freedom Fighters return to Freedom HQ.

Return to the TournamentEdit

Evirak had once again started his Zeklag Tournament, and Haler decided to join. After slaughtering other contestents, the final five rose. Haler, Karvon, Lievere, Three Point and Zander. They were all then invited to a dinner with Evirak, in which they talked about events. Later on, Whispering in a demonic language was heard, and Evirak blames Haler for the cause. Haler states that it is not him, and Haler realizes that it is infact Wraiths, predicting that Korgan, The Ancient of Chaos will soon rise and cause death and destruction on earth.

The MeetingEdit

Haler took part on Evirak's meeting talking about the topic of the Ancients. Evirak plans yo make a deal with an Ancient and unleash it on his enemies to finally take full control of earth. Evirak decides to choose Korgan, the Ancient of Chaos, to make a deal with. Haler explains that he can use the souls in his medallion to open the gate to Korgans dimension to free him and have him unleash Pure Chaos on Earth.

Boss's Orders Edit

Evirak had confronted Haler and ordered him to attack any Phazon building providing he didn't actually occupy the area he attacked. Haler agreed and he unleashed hordes of demon beats onto them, causing lots of damage and destruction.


Haler has the control over a vast amount of elemental powers. He is extremely fast and relies on his finnese to defeat his enemies rather than raw power, although he is very strong. He has a spirit form that allows himself to change his body into a spirit which allows him to phase through anything and almost never be sensed, seen, heard or felt. In this form he can act like a poltergheist for a period of time without only one consequense, he cant say in this form forever, and if he tries to he will have major internal inuries and will begin to bleed from his eyes and ears. Haler has extremely acute senses, allowing to never be snuck up on, he can also shape shift into a variety of animals or even some huminoid races, but he usually prefers animals. He is immune to poisons and other deady things that can enter his body and his bloodstream, bullets and other blunt firing object will bounce off of him due to his immunity to it. Haler has no shadow, or reflection for unknown reasons, and he came become a shadows on any surface, or anything .He can adapt extremely quicly to different tempatures, even when the tempatures drastically change. He can sprout demon wings at will to allow him to take to the skies and rain hell on anyone who opposes him. Haler also has extreme precognitive abilities allowing im to predict attacks so he can either dodge them and or counter them. Haler also has a unique ability known as "Soul Lock". With Soul Lock, hes able to completely incapacitate someone, nullifying their powers and movement, regardless of anything else.When Soul Locking someone, Haler can also cause them to become unconscious. In order to Soul Lock someone, all the person has to do is just be in Haler's radius.


Omega State - Haler's abilities greatly increase, especially his speed, reflexes and finnese, but this does not mean his strength was not upgraded as well. His Fire and Electricity turns Purple instead of Green, he goes from 8ft to 10ft, he automatically heals wounds, wether internal or on the outside or if they are major, and he is resistance to an extreme amount of elements.

King State - Haler's speed massively increases, but not as much as his strength, finnese, and the abilty to endure more hits than he could. His elemental powers are increased, almost allowing them to affect the most resisting of materials, including orginisms. His wings and tail grow and become spiked, as well as the armblades he can grow at any time. The time he can stay in Spirit Form increases, and he can seem to move instantaneusly.

Diablo State - Haler goes under a mass transformation. He turns into a reptilian like monster at 65ft high, 130ft head to tail, and 55ft Right Leg to Left Leg. He gets even stronger and faster than he is in his King State. He resembles a large Black Wyvern with a minor Purple Glow and Tint.

Creation State - In this state, Haler has the same power that the divne beings of hell had. He is essentially a humaninoid form of his Diablo state, but even stronger. The true powers that this state gives him are unknown.


Theres a Three Ring Dark Carnival coming, and im the mother fucking ring master! Ring one is wrath, ring two is despair, and RING THREE IS MOTHER FUCKING MURDER! - Haler talking to his superior Dejvar

I know. THATS THE MOTHER FUCKING JOKE! And you're going to be my favorite punchline. - Haler's response to Dejvar when he calls him insane and right before he kills him

Opinions and RelationshipsEdit

Evirak Romanus - Haler completely respect's Evirak as a superior but believes Evirak is suppressing Haler and what he can do.

Freedom Fighters - Haler believes their cause is ridiculous. He finds them irrational and arrogant and believes that they should be snuffed out.

Phazorus - Haler is indifferent to Phazorus but has little respect for him and still sees him as an enemy.

Drake - Haler finds Drake completely annoying and cocky, but finds excitement when fighting him, but he will not hesitate to slay him. He tends to toy around with Drake and torment him whenever he has the chance, but has some respect for him.

Karvon - Haler believes Karvon will utlimately fail worse than Ganken did, and with his failure the Xanians will be destroyed.

Risu -

Hardware - Haler enjoys Hardware's brutal tendencies but finds his arrogance annoying.

Events in History Haler is responsible for:Edit

  • The Assasination of JFK - 1963AD
  • The start of WW1 - 1914AD
  • The Crusades - 1096AD – 1204AD
  • The Black Death - 1346AD – 1353AD
  • Europeon Colonization of the Americas 1492AD
  • Mongol Conquests - 1206AD – 1337AD
  • Chernobyl - 1986AD
  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - 2010AD
  • 9/11 - 2001AD
  • Helike Tsunami and Earthquake - 373BC
  • Flooding of Port Royal - 1692AD
  • Minoan Eruption - 1645BC
  • Crete Earthquake and Alexandria Tsunami - 365AD
  • The Antonine Plague - 165AD – 180AD
  • Antioch Earthquake - 526AD
  • Damghan Earthquake - 856AD
  • Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah - 2000BC
  • The Burning of The Library of Alexandria - 391AD