Gero Rausen


Leader of The Gherikan Revolutionaries

Race Gherkan


Allies Currently none

Evirak Romanus - Arch Rival

Themes Gero -

Gero Rausen is the leader of the Gherikan Revolutionaries. He is sworn to destroy everything that Evirak Romanus and his Zestronite Empire have infleuence over. He is good natured and will do what is best for the innocents,



Gero was homeless for the first years of his life and has no memory of who his mother or father was. He joined the military considering that was his only chance in life. He became high up in the military and was promoted to commander. When the Zestronites invaded Gherik, the military was destroyed and all of Gero's friends were taken to their executions. When the Zestronites took control of Gherik, Gero set up a rebellion. He confronted Evirak in person in which they both wounded eachother Gero even managed to cut off Evirak's left arm. Evirak was escorted to safety where as Gero was left for dead. Gero however treated his wounds with a medication kit from a dead soldier. Gero made a full recovery and had no choice but to leave Gherik.


Gero couldn't live with the guilt of leaving Gherik to the Zestronites so he went to end Evirak for good. He discovered Evirak was on Planet Earth so him and a few fellow rebels entered small shuttles disguised as asteroids. They landed in the Grampian mountain ranges of Scotland where they set up a HQ. Gero spent time getting reasources and liberating various camps in Scotland. Gero then discovered another rebel known as Drake was being take to his execution along with Warren and Typhoon. Gero arrived at the scene and saved Drake from certain death. Gero then fought Evirak but the tables were turned and Evirak was much stronger than before. Evirak defeated Gero and as Evirak went to kill Drake, Gero ran up to Drake and Warren and teleported back to the HQ with them, once again saving their lives. Typhoon however had been left behind as he had been killed by Haler and transformed into a hell hound to become haler's pet.

Delta Station and CadeEdit

Gero discovered some of his men were captured and forced Drake and Warrent to help him get them back. he teleported to Delta Station where he freed his men whom escaped in the pods. Gero then face Raxus with Warren and was shot in the stomach. He then crawled to an escape pod. Warren followed. Drake then attacked Raxus but was no match for him. Raxus then cracked the window of the space station and it begant to pull everything in the room into space. The power core disconnected and Drake ran into the escape pod which launched. The power core then exploded but Raxus however, being a venovian, survived. The pod was shot down and split into two. Warren and Gero remained together but Drake landed elsewhere. Warren and Gero were saved after being surrounded by Zestronites by a combian named Cade. Cade took them west to Phazon territory where they were all captured by the Phazons. The Freedom Fighters then helped Gero to escape where he returned to Scotland

Project Exon CorruptorEdit

Gero sent in a spy into Evirak's network. Gero then discovered Project Exon Corruptor. He teleported to the Freedom HQ where he informed them of the plan. Gero then devised a plan to prevent the plan from taking place. The Freedom Fighters managed to hijack a Phazon submarine which they used to steal the Exon crystal from the excavation site. He returned to Scotland where he was surrounded by Zestronites. He had the crystal stolen from him and it was taken to Germany. The Freedom Fighters managed to get onto the ship to whicht he crystal was taken but it took off before Gero got there. Gero returned to his Scotland base.