Ganken Verkon Hakar


Xanian Empire

Race Xanian

Bzine Hakar - Brother

Korvan Hakar - Brother

Allies Coidono - Second In Command

Lazorous Veeran - Subject

Phazorus Rezfarda - Superior


Bzine Hakar - Arch Nemesis

Calitis Monroe - Arch-Rival


Ganken is the former ruler of the Xanian Empire. He occupied most of Africa, Oceania and Korea until the Legion of Phazon took over.


Rise To PowerEdit

Ganken was originally Second In Command to the original ruler of Xanex, Gripper. As years went by, Ganken became increasingly tired of Gripper, and also became increasingly jealous of his wealth and power. He was also tired of Gripper's overconfident and arrogant attitude, and plotted to take the throne. He offered Gripper's personal guard, Coidono, power and authority as his right hand man if he helped him with his plan, to which he agrees. The next morning, Ganken goes to Gripper telling him he would like to invite him over for dinner later that day, to which Gripper accepted. When he arrived, Coidono showed him to the dining hall. They both discussed plans to move on to other planets as Coidono served them their meals. When they finished the meal, Gripper got up to leave, but Ganken insisted he stay for some wine and desert, which Gripper agreed to do. When he sat back down, Coidono makes a hand signal to the chef, who was also in on the assasination, and the chef added poison to Gripper's desert and wine. After they finished, Gripper thanks Ganken for the meal, and was about to leave, but suddenly keels over from the poison and drops dead on the floor. After seeing he had fallen and stopped moving, Ganken rushed over to see if he was still alive. Sure enough, he had died. He then had Coidono conceal any evidence of the assasination. The next morning, Ganken made a speech to the people of Xanex where he announces Gripper's death, and framing his Genovian half-brother, Bzine, for the assasination. He then announced he would be the new ruler of Xanex with Coidono as his Second In Command. And that they would now be invading Earth to track down Bzine, who had temporarily left Genovan. The Xanians arrived on Earth, taking Korea and the majority of Africa and Oceania.

War with the PhazonsEdit

Haler made the Phazons go to war with the Xanians by shapeshifting into a Xanian and shooting a Phazon. Evirak also used Haler to shapeshift into Ganken and make a broadcast threatening the Phazons. There had been much conflict between the two sides, with the Xanians destroying the now Phazon-occupied Morocco, save for their recently built North Tower, which had a shield generated from it's counterpart, the South Tower (With the North Tower also generating a shield over the South). The Phazons had the upper hand, using their Earthsplitter to destroy New Zealand and split Australia in half with one move.

Bulking Up Edit

Realizing that the Phazons had the upper hand, Ganken decided to expand the Xanian Empire to more planets and more men to create a more leveled playing field with the Phazons. He then sent men over to planets Islars, Alpradus, and Yebos. He then stripped the planets of all their technology and natural resources, used the planets for massive Xanian bases, and used the inhabitants of these planets as slaves and soldiers in the empire.

Cato's DealEdit

One of the Legion of Phazon leaders, Cato, led an assault on Xanian occupied Australia. They destroyed various buildings including the Sydney Opera House. When they discovered Ganken, Ganken threatened to kill everyone with a bomb he had strapped to himself. Cato however did not care, knowing his own armour would allow no harm from explosions, and knew Ganken would not dare to destroy himself, in fear of the Xanian Empire falling. Cato then held a gun up to Ganken's head and forced him to sit down. Cato made Ganken sign a truce between the Phazons and the Xanians. The Phazons also wanted to roam free within the Xanian Empire and have control over various parts. Ganken however, without a real choice, signed the truce.

Evirak's DealEdit

Shortly after the truce was signed, Evirak went into a rage. Project Total War had already failed unless he was to do something about it. Evirak used one of his spies to tell Ganken that Evirak is expecting him in North Korea. Evirak had breached the Xanian defences and had a small cabin created for the meeting. When Ganken arrived, Evirak had the Xanian guards assigned to protect Ganken shot. He stated it was just a safety precaution. Evirak told Ganken what the Phazons promised him was wrong. He stated that he could have so much more freedom if he joined the Zestronites. Evirak told Ganken he could accomplish this if he commited various terrorist attacks on the Phazons. Ganken did not know that Evirak wanted Ganken to get caught and then the Phazons would declare war on the Xanians again. Evirak told Ganken how the Phazons are nothing, and that they think they can command him. Evirak then added that if he does not choose now, his own Empire will be disloyal to Ganken. Once Ganken decided to choose the Zestronites, Evirak told Ganken that now the deal has been made, Ganken must immediatly make a terrorist attack against the Phazons.

Cyborg GankenEdit

Ganken later showed up in the labyrinth beneath Chichen Itza, where the Freedom Fighters were forced to play mousehunt with Phazon officials, which included Orion. Ganken attacked Bzine, and after a brief scuffle, Bzine had Ganken on the ropes and mortally wounded him. Ganken was then saved from the exploding labyrinth by Cato, and was taken to the Cyan Warphade for serious medical attention. He was fitted with cybernetic arms made of silver, with wires containing his own blood plugged into them, as well as metal heel replacements. Curious and showing no trust in Ganken, Phazalis inserted a bomb inside Ganken's head. Ganken later joined in with the subsequent fights of Squirreldonia, Eris, the Magma Dome and the fight against the Aztecs.


Ganken was continuing his normal routine when he whitness Vzark's ship verring over Australia. Ganken discovered his brother Bzine was on the ship. Vzark's ship then stabalised and the Xanians boarded it. He confronted his brother but the fight was cut short when Warren passed Bzine a gun which Bzine then shot Ganken in the head with. Ganken's body was taken back to Freedom HQ where it would be used as a punching bag.