Zestronite Empire

Aliases None
Race Artificial Intelligence Unit


Allies Zestronite Empire
Enemies Varies

Equinox -

The Underground -

The Super Computer -

Project Upgrade -

Equinox is a self aware super computer artificial intelligence program that has knowledge of all the Zestronite affairs. Every mechanical object in the Empire can be controlled manually by other Zestronites, but it can also be overrided by Equinox. Only a few select Zestronites know about Equinox. Evirak Romanus, Ruselt Romanus, Nearan Romanus and Sylrana Romanus. They all can link mentally to one of Equinox's networks and communicate. Equinox is stationed near the core of Zestron. It is hidden in a large underground vault with a large security system. Some of the security systems are infact controlled by Equniox. Equinox knows anything that any Zestronite knows unless they have a strong mind. It can override any robot within its connection radius, with Project One, his followers, Kythor, Hardware's computer form and the Trion race being the only exceptions. He appears as a large collum in a central chamber with a screen on it aswell as various control panels and wires surrounding him.


Calitis' ComputerEdit

Equinox was ordered by Nearan to hack Calitis' laptop. He did so in a few seconds and gained every single file about the Freedom Fighters including their weaknesses. He then sent the files to Nearan.