Elvira Romanus


Zestronite Empire

Aliases None
Race Zestronite

Evirak Romanus - Husband

Kyrax Romanus - Son

Allies Evirak Romanus - Superior/Husband
Enemies The Freedom Fighters
Themes Elvira -
Elvira is the tolerant wife of Evirak Romanus. She is so madly in love with Evirak that she barely notices the amount of abuse he gives her.
Elvira Romanus



Meeting EvirakEdit

During Evirak's rise to power, Elvira became one of Evirak's supporters. She was eventually noticed by Evirak and they got into a relationship. Soon after Roarak's overthrow, Evirak and Elvira married. They were extremely happy together but Elvira began to become more insane for Evirak.

The Exon CrystalEdit

When Evirak went on a raid to Gherik, he discovered the Exon crystal in the Gherikan Vault. Elvira noticed severe personality changes. Evirak became more abusive to Elvira and grew less empathetic for his loved ones. Elvira however kept trying to impress Evirak.

Releasing the Freedom FightersEdit

When Evirak leaves Elvira with the Freedom Fighters, she instead says how she does not approve of her husband's actions and lets them go. Evirak then abuses her upon discovering what she had done. A few months later when the Freedom Fighters were trapped in a concentration camp in China, Elvira relased them once again. Nearan found out and blacmailed Elvira. Just a week later, Elvira helped them yet again by allowing easy access out of Camp 602. For this, Evirak has her tied to a pole in Red Square where she is shot.


Elvira is generally a sweet and caring person. She is however suseptable to people she falls in love with. She is easily manipulated and will do anything for anyone whom she loves. In this case, she will do anything to impress Evirak to gain his favour. Unlike Evirak, she is not sadistic, nor does she enjoy the suffering of others. She often tries to talk Evirak out of killing certain people but this is often in vain.