"You know, everyone here... We act like a pack of wolfs, we follow, obey, listen and look up to the alpha of that pack, we all have a role. Well, that's what I consider everyone here but me, I don't want to obey, I don't want to follow... I want Risu to take me back to kill Evirak or the same fate backfires to him, if that doesn't work? Well... I have other methods, and the funny thing about me. I could kill you right now, you just gotta find out why I haven't yet." - Drake talking about the Freedom Fighters to Bzine

Drake Ryunexo


Freedom Fighters (Indirectly)

Race Cyanican

Kiraleath Ryunexo - Father


Freedom Fighters


Legion of Phazon

Zestronite Empire


Orion Quadroceptus - Arch Nemesis

Haler Rivikai - Former Rival

Evirak Romanus - Mortal Foe


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Drake's Sacrifice -

Drake Ryunexo is a unpredictable, loud mouth and sporadic teenager who co-led the Lost Heroes. Later joining the Freedom Fighters, he is also focused on killing Evirak and ending the Zestronite Empire.


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Early Life and Arrival on EarthEdit

Drake was born into the Ryunexo family, one of the leading council families on Cyanic. The Cyanicans then went to war with Kinaro, a rival planet. Knowing this, Drake began training for 8 months with the Ryunexo's highest ranking soldiers to help defend himself and be able to fight back the Kinaro's ever growing military. After his training was done, he was sent with a group of Ryunexo's military on a raid mission to take back a base that was overrun with a mercenary group. It contained highly trained mercenaries from different planets, including Typhoon Huyabusa and Warren Xerox. But when they got ambushed by the mercenary group, all but Drake died in his squad. He was then taken prisoner into Kinaro's Citadel and then he was forced to attack the Ryunexo's military otherwise his parents would die. Drake was then put into more training with the mercenary group for 6 years, Drake would usually fight Typhoon because of him being part of Kinaro, these fights caused Drake to have multiple scars. Drake, along with his mercenary group were grouped up with a military group and was sent to a base on Cyanic's moon, but when they got there, they were attacked by the military of both factions. Drake's mercenary group were able to kill the military in that base and overrun it. They then trained and experimented with several declassified weapons. Soon, they received the news that Evirak Romanus and his Zestronite army invaded both Cyanic and Kinaro and taken their council members hostage. Drake was also recieved news that they're going to land on the same moon Drake was on. Before the ship landed, Drake swore that he would not allow any more destruction to the planets and went to stop Evirak's infleuence from spreading by putting him to justice. Drake and his mercenary group boarded the Zestronite ship and attacked any Zestronite they came across. They then confronted Evirak as he was shooting and killing both planet's council members. Evirak then commanded high ranking Zestronites to attack and kill Drake and his group. All but Drake, Typhoon and Warren were killed. Evirak sent out a paralysing wave to subdue Drake and his friends. Evirak then sliced the side of Drake's face with his gauntlet causing a massive scar. Evirak then ordered the guards to throw Drake and his comrades into an escape pod, hoping to make them starve to death wonder through space aimlessly. Before Drake was ejected, he saw his father pulling up an energy gun and blowing off half of Evirak's face. Drake then saw Evirak quickly hit His father down and prepare an attack out of rage. The pod Drake was in however turned away from the scene and Drake did not whitness what truly happened to his father. Drake and his comrades landed into Earth's ocean and survived. Although Warren wasn't with them when they landed, Drake and Typhoon found each other on Earth, and vowed to make Evirak pay for his crimes.

Impact on ScotlandEdit

Once Drake and Typhoon landed into the waters of the north sea, they started swimming towards Scotland. but when they arrived, they came in contact with Zestronites. After dealing with them. Drake broke a Shield Tower, allowing them to enter North Europe. Drake needed to find out where they are, leading for Typhoon to go to a Zestronite Information Center. The Zestronite woman behind a counter wouldn't tell Drake or Typhoon anything, she then pulled out her Shadow Pistol and fired at Drake, Drake dashed past the bullet and grabbed her and slammed her into a wall. She then slapped Drake. He then disarmed her of her Shadow Pistol and she then collapsed on the floor dead, before Drake could think what had happened. Typhoon glanced over to see a Zestronite camp, telling Drake this made him to go sneak into the camp and find out what's happening, Drake witnessed children being sent to the skinning rooms. Children that would run would get shot. Near by Drake was a room with a glowing light coming out of it. Drake pulled out his Shadow Pistol and entered the room and aimed at the Zestronite scientist. Questioning what he was doing, the Zestronite replied to Drake saying that they are killing the children and using their flesh for skin for their androids that they are making. Disgusted by this, Drake shot the scientist in the arm and leg, then one more on the face, killing him. Drake then contacted Typhoon to come in to help kill the Zestronites, after doing so, Evirak responded to this and sent his son; Kyrax to go to Scotland and face the two. Drake told Typhoon to take the prisoners and get them out of the camp, but on doing so, all the prisoners grasp their chests and died. Kyrax confronted Drake and pulled out a dagger, with Drake doing the same, leading to a fight. Drake knocked Kyrax to the ground at which Kyrax resorted to powering up. Kyrax began to pummel Drake until Warren showed up. They then defeated Kyrax together at which Kyrax had no choice but to retreat.


After Kyrax retreated, Drake went to a camp and retrieved information about Earth and where him and his group were. Once telling Warren and Typhoon about what he's found out, Drake said that they will be going towards London so that they can reach Evirak and kill him. Halfway in their journey in a forest, there was a purple glow amongst the trees, going alone, Drake pulled out his Shadow Pistol and went towards the glow to investigate. He reached the glow to see a figure in the middle of a crater, the figure walked up to Drake and disarmed him. Drake asked the figure's name, he replied "Hellrath", Hellrath explained to Drake about his hatred for Evirak and that he's here to kill him. Drake told Hellrath the same thing, Hellrath said to Drake that he could teleport him and his comrades to London. Pleased by this, Drake recruited Hellrath for the Lost Heroes and took him to his comrades. Hellrath then teleported them to a London alleyway right outside where Evirak is having a speech, Typhoon and Drake walked into the crowd and slowly towards Evirak while Hellrath re-routed to flank Evirak. Drake then attacked Evirak, but didn't damage him due to it being a hologram, revealing the real Evirak backstage and attacking back. Evirak then sent a energy ball into Drake, paralysing him. As Hellrath charged into Evirak to attack, he simply sent Exon energy into Hellrath, converting him into a Zestronite. Warren then attacked Evirak but got dealt with easily, Warren then crawled to Drake and released the paralysis in Drake. Hellrath then attacked Drake and threw him into a building, enraging Drake to cover himself in fire and brutally attack Hellrath. Drake then flew towards Evirak to kill him, but got easily overpowered and thrown aside and was knocked unconscious. Drake was taken to a camp and tortured. Evirak beat him and Haler was then allowed to talk with Drake. Evirak soon made Haler leave and took Drake up to Alpha Station

Alpha StationEdit

Evirak had Drake teleported up to Alpha Station. Evirak showed Drake the satellite that controled the worlds nuclear missiles. Drake discovered that Evirak had complete control of this satellite. Evirak then told Drake that he was planning to fire a missile from the Phazon territory of America and strike the Xanian territory of South Korea. Evirak tried forcing Drake to press the button which would carry out the launch but to no avail. Evirak then simply pressed the button himself and Drake watched in horror as he saw the missile hit South Korea. Evirak then left Drake in his cell to think about the current events.


Soon after, Drake, Warren and Typhoon was sent to be hanged under the orders of Evirak, just as the noose was put around their necks, a small army being led by Gero stopped them from getting hanged. After multiple fights with Haler, Drake, Warren and Typhoon was teleported to the Gherikan Revolutionaries' HQ in a mountain scape.

Delta StationEdit

Drake was informed by Gero that Evirak was on Delta Station, a space station orbiting Venus. Gero wanted to go to Delta Station to free some captured soldiers and Drake wanted to go to get Evirak. Gero teleported Drake, Typhoon and Warren to the station. Being greeted with Hellrath and Haler. Hellrath confronted Drake and told him to join the Zestronite Empire, Drake then attacked Hellrath who quickly backed off and ordered Raxus to deal with them. Meanwhile Typhoon was fighting Haler, just as Drake was going to help, Haler grabbed hold of Typhoon and killed him. Enraged, Drake went into his Half Dragon form for the first time and attacked Haler. Resulting in Evirak crushing the room, Haler went into Spirit form and went off to leave Drake and Warren to die. Warrern managed to stop the room from crushing, just, realising that Evirak had left, Drake set a bomb in the station which Raxus defused. Raxus attacked the trio (Gero, Warren and Drake) by first wounding Warren and Gero. Drake then charged at Raxus to which Raxus simply pushed him aside. Raxus cracked the station window and everything was being pulled out into the vacuum of space. The power core then destabalised and Drake, Warren and Gero escaped via the only remaining escape pod. Raxus was then left on the station as it exploded. Raxus however survived the explosion due to his immunity to fire and shock.

Lost in BrazilEdit

The escape pod Drake was in was struck by another vessel (Later revealed to be harbouring Cade and Helioptican), the pod's door opened and Warren and Gero were pullled out, while Drake crashed in Brazil, Drake exited his pod while wounded and hid somewhere and passed out again, during this, Drake entered his sub-conscious. While in there, he heard a piano playing, he walked towards the noise to see the piano playing but with no-one playing it. Drake recognised this as a song his mother played when he was younger, as he started to sing along to this, Drake woke up and all his wounds were healed. He then found his way into Rio, he discovered a bunch of wanted posters resembling the Freedom Fighters, Drake collected the posters and put them away. Drake was then confronted with Phazons, Drake hid in a human sized pot, as the Phazons were breaking the pots one by one, the Confederacy of Bounty Hunters arrived in Rio and the Phazons left Soon after, the Confederacy had detected Drake's presence, using Raxus' powerful smell and Tambourine's heat detection. Drake was sedated by Xiao's Sleeper Dart

Encounter With The Freedom FightersEdit

Drake was put into a Phazon Carrier and was supposed to be taken to Cuba, but Drake noticed a weak spot in the Carrier's rear doorway, and fired at it, blowing the door off. He jumped out and stumbled into an alley, and accidentally entered the Freedom HQ, being greeted a "warm welcome". Drake wouldn't say anything about him and insulted the Freedom Figghters, to their disdain and displessure. Risu forced Drake to help them with a mission regarding the Phazons' newly build Bermuda Tower. Risu split the Freedom Fightersinto two groups, with Drake being with Risu and Vzark. After Hardware's defeat, Drake started to walk away but was stopped by Calitis, Drake then punched Calitis out of the way, Risu then commented on Drake. Drake turned to Risu and fired his Shadow Pistol right beside his head, Drake was then forced to be sent back to Scotland via aircraft.

Joining the Freedom FightersEdit

While Drake was at Scotland, Warren asked Vzark to take him to Scotland to persuade Drake into joining the Freedom Fighters. Vzark was puzzled but accepted, bringing along Armadus and Bzine. When they arrived, Warren told Drake how he could only kill Evirak if he joins the Freedom Fighters, he didn't like the idea but joined anyways. Bzine and Drake get off on the wrong foot when Drake claimed Warren was cocky. Angered, Bzine was quick to defend Warren, only for Drake to begin a profanity laden argument with Bzine. The argument reached a boiling point however, and Drake aimed his Shadow Pistol at Bzine, who in turn aimed his gun at Drake. Vzark had to intervene to stop the two from shooting each other. To which Drake and Vzark then conversed over weapons and Bzine returns to spar. Their ship is later attacked by Zestronites and Phazons, the latter being accompanied by the Destruction Squad. The Destruction Squad manage to breach holes in the ship's walls and attacked. The ambush was defeated by the Freedom Fighters and Cade, who had arrived during the skirmish. Cade took control of Vzark's Klaveran ship and destroyed the two remaining ships, and attempted to escape, but the ship was persued by a Zestronite ship piloted by Torik, however they managed to get back to Freedom HQ.

Making Friends and First MissionEdit

While at Freedom HQ, Drake managed to become friends with Vzark. Drake mainly sparred in the sparring room, on one day, Vzark and Drake sparred. Drake managed to changed Vzark's attitude into a much more lively and cheerful, his eyes also changed to a blue instead of a red. Later, Vzark found a Red Tailed Hawk and named it Hex, Drake created a fire dragon to give Hex company. Drake and a couple of members travelled to Chichen Itza via truck but was detected by the Phazons' AI, Kythor, and surrounded by Phazon forces, headed by Orion and Cato. Phazar ripped the truck they in half with his Destruction Armour. Drake and the Freedom Fighters were surrounded and Orion disarmed all of them of their things, including Drake's HSC. Drake then walked slowly towards Orion and stopped walking, demanding Orion to return the HSC, but was stopped by the arrival of Hardware, who was now largely robotic. The group were then subsequently shot with Numbness Darts by Xaio, and were moved to a labyrinth beneath El Casstello. Drake woke up and began walking around the labyrinth trying to find a way out, he encountered two Phazons, Drake snapped one's neck and strangled the other to death. Calitis burst through a wall and stayed with Bzine while Drake went off. Much later while Drake was still trying to find his way out, Orion and Zaris was fighting until Orion accidentally tore off Zaris' gi, which revealed an X on his chest. Looking at the X in terror, Orion and all of the Phazons in the labyrinth escaped and detonated the grounds, destroying the colossal maze. Drake's shirt was torn off during the escape, and Zaris noticed and examined an R on his right rim under his shoulder, the group then traversed down a hole dug by the Phazons, while Calitis took Wallace back to Freedom HQ. Meanwhile, the group caught up with Hardware, Phazar and their Phazon squadron. As soon as they drew close, markings on their bodies began to sting and their eyes glowed. Phazar then suddenly sprang out and stole the disc Hardware was using to steal energy from Earth's core, the others then followed as he left, being persued by Risu, Cade, Vzark, Bzine, Phazaron and Hardware. The "Mark bearers", gathered in a circle were joined by Xiao, Coidono and an unknown Zebrakan (Later revealed to be Grey Togruta). The Mark bearers then suddenly built a weapon and activated it, where it took 7 minutes to charge up. The other Freedom Fighters quickly discovered the existence of the weapon and how to stop it, and Cade attempted to disable it, managing to do so on the second attempt, also regaining the conciousness of the Mark Bearers in the process. The Freedom Fighters recruited Grey momentarily and he showed his weapon skills by capturing Coidono with an ankle binder, while Hardware, Xiao and Phazar to escape.

A Quick FightEdit

When the Freedom Fighters went back to their HQ, Drake pulled out his Shadow Pistol and aimed it towards Bzine. Bzine retaliated by kicking the gun out of Drake's hands and giving it back to him, angered, Drake went into the sparring room and began to punch the metal while insulting Bzine behind his back. Hearing this, Bzine walked up to Drake to have a clam conversation with Drake and apologize. Drake, however, said that Bzine should not bother trying to fix the situation, and pushes him away. Infuriated, Bzine angrily tells Drake of all the things that he had done to Bzine since he arrived, to which Drake once again insults Bzine's family, in which Bzine finally reaches a breaking point and began to start fighting Drake. They both fight without gaining any major injuries, however Bzine is suddenly struck by a large bolt of lightning midway through the fight, and goes unconscious. Drake approached Bzine's body and aimed his Shadow Pistol at his head, when he was just about to pull the trigger, Cade and Vzark intervened and restrained Drake.

The Little IncidentEdit

The Freedom Fighters was asked by Ketri to retrieve something from the planet Squirreldonia, most members went but Drake and a couple others. Drake later went outside the FHQ and walked to a forest with a book in his hands, once he reached his destination. Drake opened the book up and made markings in the floor that was marked in the book, he then went into his Aura Dragon state and sat down. Drake then started to chant, making the markings on the floor glow, his aura then stepped on top of the markings. But when this happened, his Aura was consumed in black fire and changed into a black dragon, which then flew into Drake's chest. He then stood up, grabbed his book and walked back to the FHQ to think what happened to him.


Being bored, Drake went out to a forest to see what he could do about the black dragon. But once he got there, there was already an escape pod with a yellow grow emitting out of it. Being cautious, Drake pulled out his Shadow Pistol and approached the pod. As Drake was just about to inspect the pod, a dark figure emerged out of it and looked at Drake. Drake then aimed at the figure questioning what it is, the figure then started to change into people that Drake knew in his past. Armadaus reached up with Drake and saw the figure and told Drake to move back, when Drake asked, Armadaus answered that the figure is called Verruckt, the leader of a rouge mercenary group known as the Vectors. After a battle where Verruckt sprained Drake's ankle, the sun came out and Verruckt was forced to retreat.

Primitive And CapturedEdit

When Armadaus and Drake managed to get back to Freedom HQ, Drake limped his way into the infirmary and rested until his ankle was fixed. While this was happening, Verruckt set up a beacon to give the Zestronite Empire the location of Drake and Freedom HQ. Soon after Drake's ankle healed, Freedom HQ was attacked by a Vector member named Pollux. Drake aimed his gun at Pollux demanding what he was doing here, Pollux laughed and told Drake to look out a window. Drake holstered his gun and walked to a window and looked out, seeing the city set ablaze (The fires being extinguished moments later by various Phazon Overwatchers and Orion), then he turned back to look at Pollux. While Drake was looking out, a cockroach that was near Pollux shapeshifted into Verruckt. Verruckt informed Drake about the Zestronites coming to Freedom HQ to find and capture Amardaus and Drake. Drake's anger then took over him and he unleashed his Primitive State form and attacked both Pollux and Verruckt, being able to break a bit of Verruckt's mask. After the fight, Verruckt and Pollux hid away to watch the Zestronite arriving at Freedom HQ. Evirak received the signal from Verruckt and sent Ruselt down to deal with Drake and Armadaus. Soon, Freedom HQ was surrounded by Zestronites. Ruselt entered the grounds and taunted Drake, making Drake attack him. During the fight, Drake was helped by Helioptican, who had spotted the commotion. After Ruselt was thrown into a building, Ruselt contacted Evirak for backup. Evirak replied "yes" and sent down Raxus, once Drake saw Raxus, he directly attacked him, while Helioptican fought Tambourine, who had also arrived after being sent in by October, and other Freedom Fighters began helping both Drake and Helioptican. Much later, during the scuffle, a ship uncloaked, with Evirak inside it observing the fight all along. Evirak then captured almost everyone and made files of them, a mysterious force attacked the X-Aren, prompting everyone to escape but could not free Drake.


When Drake was restrained in a chair in the cell he was in, Evirak approached him and asked how he felt after he was left to be captured. After telling Evirak, Evirak made a proposition. If Drake joins the Zestronite Empire, he will get revenge on the Freedom Fighters, Drake accepted. Evirak then punches Drake, knocking him out. Much later, Drake woke up on a operating table with a scar on his chest, Drake asked Evirak what they had done to him, Evirak replied "We replaced your heart with a Zestronium Power Core". Drake was shocked but dealt with it quickly, he was then sent to Freedom HQ to wait for the Freedom Fighters to come back.

Vs The Freedom FightersEdit

When the Freedom Fighters came back to Earth, Drake entered and walked up to Warren saying he had something to show him. Upon doing this, Drake kicked him to the ground and aimed his gun at him. Cade called Drake a traitor, with Evirak speaking out from the device inside Drake. After a very short fight, Drake was knocked out and Vzark and Warren began operating on him to remove the bomb, replacing it with a small metal sphere which served as a replacement heart. Before Drake could regain conciousness, he was placed in a cell in Vzark's ship, next to Coidono's cell.

Verruckt's ReturnEdit

While he was spending time reading his book in his cell, Drake requested if he could apologies to Risu, with Cade (Who was in the ship where Drake's cell is) replying that he's caused no damage. While this was happening, a cockroach entered the ship and shifted into Verruckt. Verruckt then pressed a button, which opened Drake's cell, and then confronted everyone who was in the ship. Drake then attempted to fight Verruckt, but was quickly apprehended. Vzark then faced Verruckt, which resulted in Vzark winning and Verruckt retreating with the help of Cephei.


A while later, beings known as Aztecs appeared in Freedom HQ and attacked everyone inside, one of them attacked Drake and stole his magic book, and fled. Drake gave chase, and eventually caught up with it, above New York, before the book could be reclaimed, it was taken by another Aztec, while Orion had arrived and attacked Drake. Orion chased the Aztec himself, and swiftly absorbed it's core, becoming Aztec Orion. Although Drake managed to recover his book, Drake was attacked by Orion, and after a brief scuffle, Orion teleported the two of them to an Arctic cave and cryofroze him. He took Drake's book and began reading and memorising each page, before throwing the book at Drake, who had managed to free himself with his own aura, promoting Orion to expose their location to Aztecs, before teleporting. Drake returned to New York, where he again fought Orion, this time taking them to desolate Oregon, where Orion began humiliating and torturing Drake. Luckily, Drake managed to teleport to Freedom HQ with his book.

Freeing the HostagesEdit

He noticed Vzark was leaving and soon followed. He helped Vzark find Warren and Bzine. When they found the dentistry they were being held captive in, Drake immedatly flew to a high floor where he saw Verruckt. He ignored Verruckt and looked for Warren and Bzine. When he found the floor they were on, he had a brief fight with Cephei. Verruckt then flew up the elevator shaft with Vzark in his hands. He accidenly knocked Cephei down the shaft. Vzark promtly turned into a werewolf and started beating up Verruckt. Verruckt soon lay battered on the floor and Drake untied Bzine. Armadaus untied Warren. They all evacuated the building leaving Verruckt in the bomb room. The bombs exploded seemingly killing Verruckt and everyone in the lower levels.

Aztec StormEdit

After dealing with Verruckt, Vzark's group was then contacted by Risu's group to meet them at a waypoint in western North America to help them stop the Aztecs from causing more terror. After arriving at Easter Island alongside his fellow Freedom Fighters and the Legion of Phazon itself, Drake instantly started to aid them in the fight against the Aztecs. They later encountered the colossal Aztec leader, Matrix, who managed to destroy Hardware's second mechanical body without effort, and took down Cato with a simple punch. The Freedom Fighters had strategised that attacking Matrix all at once is the best form of offence they can give, as Matrix can focus on any single opponent even if he cannot see them. With the combined efforts of Drake, Risu, Warren, Vzark, Cade, Calitis, Grey, Helioptican, Trish, Jackson and Armadaus, they managed to destroy three of Matrix's arms and one of his eyes. Not wanting to be defeated, Matrix left the stone body and his essence returned to Earth's core, with his now empty shell crumbling to the ground.

Returning HomeEdit

After returning to the Freedom HQ, Drake requested Vzark to take him back to Cyanic. Vzark accepted, Drake entered Vzark's ship and they flew to Cyanic. When the ship was in Cyanic's atmosphere, Zestronite cannons were aimed at the ship, with an officer on a speaker demanding that the ship leaves the airspace. Drake opened the ship's door and jumped out and seemingly dived into Cyanic's ocean. Vzark then left Cyanic and returned home.

Exploring Old MemoriesEdit

Before diving into the ocean, Drake activated his Aura Dragon form and flew towards Caynic's capital city; Arcadia. When he managed to arrive at Arcadia, he saw riots, protests, Slave camps and chaos everywhere. Drake then caught glimpse of The Citadel and attempted to enter it, but was denied entry by two Zestronite soldiers guarding the entrance. Drake decided to go to his old home in the residential area of Arcadia. While this was happening, Evirak was hiring assassins to hunt Drake down and kill him. After several assassins were rejected, one by the name Cryos was hired and was sent out to find Drake.

Cryos' Surprise VisitEdit

By the time Cryos was sent out, Drake found and entered his home, which has been heavily damaged. Drake then started exploring the multiple rooms that his house held, eventually reaching to his room. Seeing that his bed was still there, Drake approached it and looked under it. He then pulled out an old dusty box and opened it. Inside it was his favorite toy, some pictures of his family and a dragon medallion made of a powerless Elemental Shard. Drake opened his HSC and put the toys and pictures inside. He then wore the medallion and entered his parents room. Looking around, Drake noticed a small hole with a blue light shining through, interested, Drake went towards the hole and stomped down, making the floor collapse under him. Drake fell down but landed on his feet. When he looked back up, he realised the room he had entered was in his father's weapon storage. Drake glanced around the room and saw his father's sword with a note on it. Approaching it and reading the note, he smirked and picked up the sword (and sheath). Drake put on the sheath and slid the sword into it. As this was happening, Cryos arrived at Drake's house and overheard the sword being sheathed. He entered the house and managed to find his way into the weapon room where Drake was. Drake then questioned what Cryos was doing there and he responded by firing ice shards at Drake. Drake dodged them and attacked Cryos, but with minimal damage being inflicted to him. Cryos froze Drake's feet to the ground then froze his arms together. When Drake began to retort, Cryos froze his mouth together. Cryos then left an ice shard bomb by Drake's feet. Cryos told him that if he escaped before the bomb went off, he would prove a worthy oponent in future. Cryos then left. Drake then made multiple hand gestures and created a white orb, when it exploded, Drake was blown out of the ice and his home, leaving him outside in his garden.

Assault On The CitadelEdit

After a couple of hours passed after the incident at his house, Drake was on top of a skyscraper. Looking at The Citadel and planning his way to get in, he looked at the two guards at the entrance and a plan came to mind. Jumping from the skyscraper and infront of the guards, Drake spat at one of them. When they retaliated, Drake drew his sword and decapitated him. When the other guard attacked, Drake pulled out his Shadow Pistol and shot him in his heart and head, Drake entered The Citadel dragging one of the guards with him. Zestronite soldiers opened fire at Drake, Drake used the Zestronite corpse he was dragging as a human shield. Drake threw his sword at a group of Zestronites on his left side, slicing them in half on contact. Drake then quickly turned to the other group and threw the corpse at them then swapped his sword out for his Shadow Pistol and opened fire on the group, killing them. Drake then went floor to floor, wiping out every Zestronite soldier that attacked him, when he almost reached Evirak on the second highest floor. He was confronted with Cryos, Cryos challenged Drake to another battle. Drake made quick work of him by slamming him through all The Citadel's floors, right down to ground floor. Drake then made his way to Evirak via an elevator.

Battle At The CitadelEdit

Once Drake got to the floor Evirak was stationed on and opened the elevator doors, Evirak greeted Drake by shooting at him. Drake reacted by firing his Shadow Pistol, deflecting the bullets. A while during the fight, a person, engulfed in fire, barged into Evirak and flew out the building with him. After a brief fight, Evirak froze the person but was attacked shortly after by Drake and the person (Who melted the ice). Evirak was then blasted into a building, just as Drake and the person recovered, a red shockwave blasted out of the building and put Drake and the person into a daze. Just as Evirak was about to deliver a fatal blast, a small tornado suddenly appeared infront of Evirak, Zaris emerged out from the tornado and kicks Evirak the the chest. Zaris then approaches Drake and the person to help them up, but then the person, Drake and Zaris felt extreme pain as Evirak's sister; called Sylrana, arrived. Zaris and the person attacked Sylrana, while Drake fought Evirak. Evirak then blasted Drake away and pulled out a detonator, Evirak then started to press buttons, blowing up buildings around him and Drake. Enraged, Drake turned Half Dragon and ripped off Evirak's respirator and threw him into a building. He then crushed it and then walked up to Evirak and impaled him in the chest with his sword. Moments after this, a group of Zestronites, along with Sylrana, carried Evirak away.

Return to EarthEdit

After the previous battle with Evirak and Sylrana, Drake asked Zaris if he can take him and Drake back to Earth. Zaris explained his ability can only work with one person, he spotted a ship nearby and hijacked it. Drake struggled with getting the ship to work, but Zaris slammed his elbow against the control panel and managed to get it to work. They then left Cyanic and began their travel back to Earth. When Zaris and Drake arrived at Freedom HQ, a battle was already in motion between the Freedom Fighters and the Azure Dragon. Seeing this, Zaris jumped out the ship (With the ship's auto pilot safety landing itself near by).With Drake also jumping out, landing infront of the Azure Dragon. Drake and Zaris quickly assisted the Freedom Fighters by disabling the Azure Dragon's arm and then blasting it off, the Azure Dragon then screeched in pain and flew away.

Scuffle on the JackelEdit

After a unfortunate event, Risu, along with Cade and Zaris, decided to go and hunt the mysterious people who kidnapped his sister down. Shortly after this happened, an explosion occurred outside of the Freedom HQ, alerting Warren, Drake and Vzark. Warren looked out of a window to see Orion's silhouette within the smoke the explosion caused, Drake exited the Freedom HQ to confront Orion. Orion turned out to Arcturus, who was imitating Orion, but he suddenly flew up and away. While this happened, the control panel of Verruckt's cell activated, opening the door to Verruckt's cell. Verruckt exited his cell and implanted a microchip into another control panel, infecting the AI on Vzark's ship, allowing Verruckt to take control of it. Vzark, Helioptican and Phazaron breached the ship and engaged in a battle with Verruckt. Drake began to follow the ship via flying, Verruckt then grabbed Vzark by the neck and dragged him towards a side door and opened it. Verruckt then threw him out, luckily Drake flew past and caught Vzark. Drake then removed the cuffs that caused Vzark to be paralyzed, Vzark then repeatedly threw ice into his ship's engines, jamming it and sending the ship into Earth's orbit. Vzark asked Drake if the ship him and Zaris used had weapons, Drake agreed and they flew back to Freedom HQ to use the ship. Vzark then piloted the ship and followed the ship Verruckt was using, Ketri managed to get on top of Vzark's ship unseen. Vzark then rammed Zaris' ship into Verruckt's, damaging it. Vzark then bound Zaris' and his ship together with ice, but was quickly destroyed by Verruckt sending energy into it. Grey boarded his ship, with Calitis, Jackson and Jack also on it, with them aiding Vzark and Drake. Verruckt then fired a missile at Grey's ship, but the missile was destroyed by Zaris' ship firing a missile to counteract. Verruckt then rammed Vzark's ship into Grey's. Verruckt then steered Vzark's ship in spirals and veered back into Earth's atmosphere, with Vzark following it. Vzark then fired a missle into the jet engine, destroying it. Verruckt then flew down to Australia and fired missiles randomly, prompting Xanians to attack Vzark's ship. Verruckt quickly locked the hostages into a room and set a bomb in it, Verruckt then turned to smoke and disappeared. Everyone in Vzark's ship got captured by Xanian soldiers and was put in a room. Vzark and Drake landed Zaris' ship and began to search for the hostages, which didn't take long. Vzark kicked down and instantly attacked Ganken (Who was in the Xanian base), but Bzine quickly demanded that Vzark stopped. Vzark finally stopped after landing a final punch on Ganken, Bzine then told Ganken that he'd be more than happy to fight him. Soon after a quick wager, Ganken and Bzine engaged in a brawl, with the other Freedom Fighters watching. The fight finally ended with Warren giving Bzine a gun, Bzine picked Ganken up by his neck and shot him in the head. The Freedom Fighters then decided to use Ganken as a training dummy. All the Freedom Fighters then bordered whatever ships were left and returned to Freedom HQ.

The Akane ClanEdit

While Bzine, Warren, Vzark and Drake was playing around with Ganken's corpse, Calitis approached them and said that they should go and find Risu, Cade and Zaris. Drake and Vzark agreed, Helioptican and Mari-Anne (Aswell as Darke,Vzark and Bzine) went out and searched for them. Soon after, Helioptican noticed grooves in some walls on buildings beside the group. After inspecting them, she realised that they were made from Risu. Shortly after following them, she noticed the grooves stopped next to a whole in the building. Helioptican stopped 3 guards in the room. They later rescued Tiyin and left, gaining Fate Xandora as a new ally.

Meeting DracorexEdit

After a day passed, Warren and Armadaus noticed something explode in the distance and went to investigate. Warren found a 16 year old girl crawling out of a crashed ship and she fell unconcious, he also discovered Dracorex inside the ship. Armadaus and Warren took them back to Freedom HQ and took them to the medical ward. Dracorex awoke soon after, Warren reconised Dracorex's race and called over Drake. Drake welcomed Dracorex to the Freedom HQ and decided to tag along with Warren when he was giving a tour to Vera (The other person who was in the ship). Suddenly, Haler attacked and threw Warren, Dracorex, Vera, Trish, Ketri, Carroon, Armadaus, Mari-Anne and Drake into portals. Everyone found themselves in a dark forest filled with their darkest fears. They were soon attacked by Wraiths. The fight was cut short however when Haler clicked his fingers and everyone found themselves back at Freedom HQ.

Drake vs Orion: Round 2Edit

Drake became much less involved in the Freedom Fighters' affairs as time wore on. However, following the group's fight with Rhydiac, they returned to Freedom HQ only to be greeted by Orion, who began attacking everyone. Zaris jumped in and distracted Orion whilst Drake came over and saw what was going on. He rushed over to the two and began fighting Orion. However, shortly after the fight began, the three were teleported to Utah. Drake fought Orion valiantly, however, eventually Orion got the upper hand and struck him strong enough to launch him into a rock and put him into a coma. Zaris, however, believing that the attack had killed Drake, began viciously attacking Orion and eventually got the better of Orion. Knowing he had been beat, Orion flew away. Zaris then realized Drake was alive, but in critical condition took him back to the HQ.


Drake was taken to Warren's medical ward where he was patched up and kept in a stable condition. When he recovered, he went with the other Freedom Fighters to get the stolen files from Zestronite Occupied Russia. He is later killed by Evirak in the fight that ensued inside the Kremlin.


Drake is a unpredictable, violent and unstable person. He can be angered very quickly and will attack if provoked. Despite this, when Drake is around his friends, he shows a more calm and collected side. Drake is a "shoot first and ask questions later" kind of person, meaning he'll make unwise decisions and can sometimes cause him to get in fights with fellow allies or enemies. Despite his decent skill in battle, Drake is extremely unintelligent. This means he will often make fatal mistakes in strategic situations.


Drake is strong, agile and fast, he can also manipulate fire. Drake has an array of weaponry, because of his Holographic Storage Cube, he can summon any of his weapons in an instant. Drake also carries a book, which holds multiple spells and new abilities for Drake to learn from. One of these are manipulation of a black and white orb; the black orb can suck in and absorb almost anything, while the white orb can blast people and things away, making it one of Drake's methods of travel. Another is teleportation, which he can use sparingly, Drake can endure and deal a lot of damage. Drake's aura is sentient, acting as Drake's sparring partner and personal ally, it can also detach from Drake. Finally, as a Cyanican, Drake can rapidly heal broken bones.


Aura Dragon - Drake's essence takes shape into a humanoid-dragon aura, complete with wings and a tail that envelopes around Drake, acting like armour. This aura grants Drake the ability of flight, enhanced strength and speed.

Half Dragon - The aura that covers Drake disappears, dark grey dragon wings and tail form and replace their aura counterpart. Drake also gains dragon-like fangs and eyes, as before, his strength and speed increase tremendously, and also gains the ability to sparingly teleport.

Primitive - As a dark combination of the previous forms, the aura covers Drake once again, but fully resembles a black dragon with red eyes. Drake resembles the dragon with black hair and red eyes that leaves a faint red trail. The overall power is outstanding, making Drake endure a unbelievable amount of damage, and making Drake a destructive force.

Opinions and RelationshipsEdit

Evirak - Drake despises Evirak, having said that once Evirak dies, he'll have his head on a stick. Drake think he's a coward, hiding behind his army, but also knows he's a great fighter and strategist. "I am going to enjoy wiping that fucking grin from his face"

Risu - Drake doesn't care much for Risu, questioning about his role in the Freedom Fighters, and his skill in battle. Like Evirak, Drake thinks Risu hides behind his allies too often. "How to stop Risu? Simple, throw an acorn at him"

Orion - Drake has a massive dislike for Orion, being there when he least wants him too and quickly stopping him. Orion also has most of Drake's powers, making him even more annoying. "He's just... Irritating to say the least"

Haler - Although he's teamed with the Zestronites, Drake has a great deal of respect for Haler. Drake finds Haler as a great fighter and a chaotic demon overall. "He drinks blood of the girls he fucks, and that's on his good days"

Vzark - Drake has great respect for Vzark, not only for being a more than capable fighter, but for his tinkering with weapons and his crazy drunken antics which entertains Drake. He trusts Vzark more than any other Freedom Fighter. "Steal his drinks and you're fucked"

Hardware - Drake doesn't really care for Hardware, he doesn't concern Hardware as a threat, more of a pest. "He's Risu's problem, not mine"


  • Drake is rash in quick situations and will often try and get what he wants quickly then plan it out.