Zestronite Empire

Race Biological Nanodroid Collection

Virus Incurius - Creator


Evirak Romanus - Superior

Virus Incurius - Superior

Enemies Freedom Fighters
Themes Dracorex -

Dracorex is one of Virus' creations with the mission to spy on the Freedom Fighters.



Virus started his creation at nanoscopic proportion. He created a small nano bot and coated it in living substance capable of altering shape. He then replicated this. After billions of Biolgoical nanodroids were put together, Virus had made the first Biological Nanodroid Collection. Something capable of putting it's droids together to make one living being. Virus named it Dracorex.

False LifeEdit

Though Dracorex is aware that his life is false, and that he is a mere creation, he follows the idea of this life anyway, merely to make him a convincing spy. He was a factory worker in a Zestronite ruled Kinaro. He saw a pod crash nearby and went to investigate. He saw a teenage girl called Vera. He saw she was being followed by Zestronites and decided to save her. He got in his ship and flew off. His ship was then shot down by Zestronites and he landed in Ohio. In reality, he was put inside a fake ship with Vera that was dropped from Alpha Station down onto Ohio.

Freedom FightersEdit

He fell unconcious in the drop and was found by Freedom Fighters when he crashed. He was taken to their medical bay. When he woke up, he quickly lashed out and Nearan was forced to deactivate him. He deactivated while Vzark was holding him and therefore Vera accused Vzark of killing him. Warren discovered that the body was made up of symbiotic nanites. He falsley assumed that Dracorex had been poisined with the nanites.