Demons are beings from Hell that Haler has summoned as his army that only obey him and the Zestronites. They are brutal and very strong, as well as very hard to kill. 

Type of DemonEdit

True Demon -  An extremely powerful demon who can create portals to Hell that allow more Demons to come through, and have the ability to summon Demons at the spot, as well as dismiss them back to Hell. There are only three know True Demons thus far, Haler/Vxavuk, Zander, and Zander's son, Beelzebub. 

Demon Spawn - The average Demon monster or animal, such as Hell Hounds and Veks. These Demons are used as mounts and or the smaller troop in battle.

Vek - A large, dragon/bird like monster. Commonly used by Demon Riders.

Hell Hound - A large, dog-like beast that is extremely relentless, strong and fast, and makes a great hunter. It is hard to escape from or sneak up on, and once startled it never stops attacking unless it gets bored. There is only one way to kill it, which is only known by Demons. 

Demon Ground - The normal soldier or guard, no special abilities and tend to be the weakest.

Demon Brute - A very strong, tank-like Demon with low intelligence, abilities range from no powers at all or the power to control of earth materials. Very hard to take down and very big. 

Demon Rider - Usually the Scouts or stronger Demon Ground Troop. Always seen either riding a Hell Hound or a Vek. 

Demon Kevek - A very stealthy, fast, and silent Demon. Extremely alert and usually have the power of invisbility. Easier to take down, but hard to defend against.

Demon Overwatch - Usually captains of patrols and alot stronger than the other demons. Powers vary from many elemental forces, as well as the ability to summon minor Demons such as Imps.

Demon Commander - These Demons are in control of large Demon squads, and are smarter, stronger, faster, and overall much more advanced than the others. These Demons are almost never taken down, and can endure lots of damage and are resistant to all of the elements.

Demon Legate - The second highest ranking demon. These Demons are extremely advanced, and rely on strategy unlike the other demons, who rely on strength. It is almost impossible to outsmart a Legate, and almost impossible to take one down.

Demon Elite - The most advanced demon known other than a True Demon. These Demons are known to take down entire armies with just two or three more Elites. They show no mercy on battle and can easily topple down the strongest of opponents.

Beast - Beasts are extremely huge demons that are commonly used in demon armies. These are the largest with the average being 20ft tall. 

Wraith - A ghost like being, made of pure evil and darkness that will stop at nothing to torment or kill a target, it is said in the demon prophecy "When the Dark Lord splits two realms, balance will gone, shadows will attack all life, marking the end".  Wraiths are very dangerous, as they can posses people and cause major damage to anything it attacks. Looking at a Wraith too long can drive a person completely insane, give them memory loss, or even make the person commit suicide, but if the viewer is already insane, the Wraith will just simply attack. Wraiths cannot be killed forever, as they will only truly go away when balance is restored.


Demon appearence varies from huminoid to alien-like. The average Demon is 7ft tall, with the highest ever known being 50ft tall, which are classified as beasts. Demons have no common attribute, and usually look completely different from each other. 


Demon tactics are similar to the Romans and or Spartans, Mongols and The Hun. They also choose to attack in massive waves, continously destroying the enemy forces. The Rushes are nearly unstoppable.  They choose to have minimum 15 Demons per patrol and a maximum of 30, and squads can vary from 50 Demons to 100. They usually use barbaric weapons, but now that they are with the Zestronites, they are learning to advance to guns and other advanced technology.