Cryos Cyclone



Aliases None
Race Cyanican

Hellrath Cyclone - Brother

Pyron Cyclone - Brother

Allies None
Enemies Drake Ryunexo - Nemesis

Cryos Cyclone is a Cyanican assassin who kills for the thrill and the money. He has a cold personality and has no true friends. He only takes contracts from thouse wealthy enough to pay up and he kills with precision.



Cryos didn't have any friends and was considered violent in nature by others. He only rarely made conversation with his brother but spent most of his time playing with weapons. While leaving his house, Cryos was captured by Zestronite Invaders and merged with ice itself. Cryos had now adopted ice abilities at which he would use wisely in his new life. The ice had tainted Cryos and he became increasingly more ruthless. He began to attack those closest to him. Eventually, he left home and went underground. Here he began setting himself up with a new way of making money. He decided to become an assassin. He did many contracts until he received one from the very person who took over Cyanic, Evirak Romanus. He was told by Evirak to kill a Cyanican called Drake who had landed on Cyanic to kill Evirak. Cryos obeyed because he saw Evirak's experiments as a gift.


Cryos set out on his hunt for Drake and tracked him to his house. Cryos discovered him in an underground weapons cache. After a brief fight, Cryos froze Drake's feet to the ground and then froze his arms together. He left an ice shard bomb by Drake's feet and then froze his mouth together to prevent him from crying out. Cryos then left and returned to Evirak. To Cryos' dismay, Drake had survived and had arrived at the Cyanican Captal Building. Cryos had another fight with Drake to which Cryos lost when he was pelted down through the 3rd floor to the ground floor. When Cryos recovered, he searched for Drake in hope of getting revenge. He discovered that his brother Pyron was alive and well. He then discovered that Drake was no longer on Cyanic and flew off. He traced Drake back to Earth and set up a temporary base. After discovering Drake was dead, Cryos decided to remain on Earth and watch the conflict between the factions ruling it.