Corrodus is one of the most toxic and dangerous planets in the known universe. It is the 2nd planet away from its star in the Dead Solar System. It's thick clouds of corrosive alkaline substances keep out almost every creature that dares venture onto the planet's hostile surface.



The surface is covered in plant life, lakes, and mountains. However, the lakes are filled with a corrosive alkaline, the plants are poisonous and they can even move to attack invaders. The montains are covered in snow made from a corrosive liquid which will stick to objects it touches. There are no signs of civilisation apart from mounds that may appear which have been created by Corrodus' insect life. The silk the insects make will burn flesh, most things on corrodus are capable of burning flesh. These include insect silk, some types of rock, most plants and the soil. It will also eventually get through armour.


The atmosphere of Corrodus is extremely corrosive. It will burn through almost any material. Only Zaetonite, Khyrunite and Zestronium have been known to get through. The very air on Corrodus isn't breathable, and if inhaled, it will eventually cause the victims insides to melt. Almost everywhere on Corrodus is hot and could melt an average person slowly rather then burning them quickly. The mountain areas are the only places that aren't scorching hot but even they pose a danger due to the corrosive snow.


Corrodus is a tiny bit smaller than Zestron so it's gravity can destroy those who are not adapted annd pull them towards Corrodus.


  • Corrodans - Corrodans are zombie like humanoid creatures with spikes pertruding from various parts of their body. These spikes appear to be poisonous and can even fire poison at hostiles.
  • Spores - Generated by spore plants, these mciroscopic creatures attach to other life forms and grow inside them.
  • Spore Plant - Poisonous plant which releases Spores
  • Arachnicides - Large spiders which create huge webs. Each web strand is incredibly sticky and burns upon contact with flesh.
  • Corrodects - Insect beings which like the spiders, create burning silk. The Corrodects however are more common.