Clara Siriak


Tauranian Sydnicate (Executive)

Aliases None
Race Tauranian

Voran Siriak - Husband


Voran Siriak

Zestronite Empire


Risu Cadius

Warren Xerox

Vzark Ryddias

Freedom Fighters

Confederacy of Bounty Hunters


Clara Siriak is a minor antagonist and Executive of the Tauranian Syndicate.


Early LifeEdit

Like Voran, little is known about Clara. All that is known is that she married Voran during his rise into the market buisness. She stayed with Voran during his company's bankrupcy and supported his idea to live a life of crime.


Clara lived with Voran on Earth in the underground luxury bunker where they could carry out their criminal activites in peace.

Zeta PrimeEdit

Clara went to a business trip to Zeta Prime, only to discover the Freedom Fighters were also there. She hired the Confederacy of Bounty Hunters to kidnap the Klaverans. Risu, Cade, their new ally Cole, and bounty hunter Lievre, were taken in the process and brought before Clara. Clara ordered thugs to beat Risu and Cade up. The doctor who was operating on Warren gave Clara some of Warren's cells, so if all went wrong, she could sell them and still make a fortune. Soon after, they were rescued by Jackson, and Clara ordered her thugs to open fire on the group. Shortly after however, November (Of whom was having a fight elsewhere) released an ear piercing noise that caused damage to the Tauranian hideout. She cancelled the payment to the bounty hunters and the building collapsed, giving the Freedom Fighters a chance to escape. She calmed herself down and called in an architect to discuss plans involving rebuilding the facility. Suddenly Hardware Quadroceptus walked onto the premises and she asked him to leave. When Hardware did leave, he warned her about beings known as SlyShifts. She just smirked and continued her conversation. SlyShifts soon arrived with a warrant to search the building, and discovered unauthorised weaponary, declaring the building condemned. Clara called in Zestronites to attack the SlyShifts and showed them a warrant that she owned the property, prompting the SlyShifts to leave. The Zestronites then left. She then studied the cells given to her by the doctor and came up with an idea to attempt to clone them, in order to develop more to sell.


After Voran's death, and the eventual collapse of the Zestronite empire, Clara lost control of the Tauranian Syndicate, and was assassinated by the very people she once commanded as a result of her incompetance.