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Legion of Phazon


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Cato Legolias is a Vexian warlord and a general of the Legion of Phazon


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Cato's early history except that he studied alchemy and trained in various forms of combat. He also joined the Vexian military

Warlord of VexiaEdit

Cato later became very powerful and, after a few years in the military, was given the highest rank of Great Warlord by the Court of Vexia, and chose his close friend Vakron to be his second-in-command, like various other Great Warlord, Cato was very strong and cruel

The War With the AcrodionsEdit

The greedy Acrodions had decided to wage war against the Vexians in order to take over their planet, which was littered with many gigantic crystals. Cato and Vanguard fought hard, but settled their differences and became allied races.

The LegionEdit

After learning that Crimson was taken over by the Legion of Phazon, Cato, along with the other Vexians, anticipated the Legion's arrival. The Legion did indeed arrive, and Cato was met by Phazorus, who had respected Cato's power. The Court of Vexia had warned Cato to stop the Legion from taking over, but Cato was fascinated with what Phazorus promised, and became corrupt, killing a few of the Court members, including the Supreme Overlord, allowing Cato to become the Supreme Overlord while retaining his position of Great Warlord. Cato then joined his race with the Legion, and was then sent to take over Acrodion. While taking on various missions, Cato and Vakron built Drone-Ex Omega.


Cato was sent to Earth alongside Hardware, and was sent to take control of Africa, succeeding in capturing the entire southern regions as well as Madagascar.


Cato was later tasked with the Xanians that had began taking control of the north, and purposely sent tanks to tread through their territory and carry goods the America rather than going west straight away. A mysterious entity, disguised as a Xanian, shot a Phazon official, prompting the Phazons to fight the Xanians out and take control of Morocco. After a brief conflict with the Xanians, Cato was sent to Australia to put the Xanians back in line, adding the Xanians to the Legion in the process. Cato later appeared to Ganken numerous times to act as a reminder to their deal. After Karvon took control of Xanex, Cato was sent there to tell Karvon of the pact the Xanians had with them.

Crystal IslandEdit

Cato, along with his comrade Vakron, travelled to the south eastern point of Australia, where New Zealand was located until it's destruction at the hands of the Legion's Earthsplitter. Here, he threw tiny crystals into the water, and soon, an entire island, with crystals protruding from it, had emerged from the sea. Cato, the island's creator, named the island New Vexia in honour of his homeworld, and New Zealand, the remnants of which were fused to the island. Cato later fought the Freedom Fighters here.

The Meeting and KarvonEdit

Cato was present at the Exon Alliance meeting, where they discussed plans against the Freedom Fighters. Cato later oversaw Karvon's arranged meetings with leaders of planets the Xanians took over, and showed disdain to how Karvon would execute them for pleasure, and told him not to kill anyone else, as he was wasting potential Grandmasters. When Phazorus, Hardware and the Freedom Fighters had travelled to Phazon, Cato kept a closer eye on Karvon, ensuring he does not kill any more leaders. At one point, a leader had arrived, and Cato saw him as too weak and pathetic to lead. After being sent off by Karvon, said leader attacked Veeran, Karvon's second-in-command. Cato assessed the situation and asked what happened. The leader truthfully said that Veeran called him and his people were weak, but Cato picked him up and crushed his neck because of his views. Cato soon departed after giving Veeran the order of fetching a new Grandmaster.

The Secret at Hudson BayEdit

Cato soon arrived at Hudson Bay, a gigantic bay found in Canada, and dived into the water, where a construction site had been taking place. Cato was briefed by Drone-Ex Omega, a machine built by Cato, about the ship that was under construction, the Death Sphere, and how long it would take to complete: One year. Later, Cato was present during Glire's arrival, and he took him, Karvon and Veeran to the oil plant in Oregon. Glire and Veeran were ordered to guard it, while Karvon was ordered to return to Australia. Cato himself returned to Hudson Bay to watch over his secret project. Later, Cato arrived at the Zestro-Xanian Summary wearing an upgraded suit of armour and appeared to be in favor of the Zestronites having Korea, but Cato gave Evirak the cost of releasing half of his Xanian prisoners. After the summary had ended, Karvon expressed his fury to how Cato is careless. After pinning Karvon to the ground, Cato explained his cautious nature and further explained that he knew Evirak would suspect the releae of all the prisoners. Cato then pressed a button on a device, striking Karvon's curiosity. Cato explained that he digitised all of the released captives, knowing they would be stuck in Korea regardless of their release. Karvon angrily remarked that Cato could have simply dgitised all of the prisoners, to which Cato replied that he was forced to keep his end of the deal made with Evirak. Cato then explained that, despite being free, the Xanians are trapped in the Legion's network, and need Hardware to release them, Cato expressed his caution that Hardware might keep them prisoner or keep them for his own use.

Death Sphere RisingEdit


Unlike Hardware, Cato is well-mannered and calm, and is less as arrogant as his comrade. Cato is very cunning, like Hardware, but does not take as many risks, Cato is also very cautious, planning his mores carefully and assessing actions of others, such as when he theorised that Evirak would expect the release of all of the Xanian captives rather than half. Due to being a Vexian, Cato becomes fierce and aggressive in fights, and can appear to be enjoying said fights. Cato can also be very violent despite his calmness. He is also very patient.


Cato is capable of creating sound frequencies, as well as create fire, ice and electricity-based attacks, which he can also fire from his mouth, feet and tail. Like the rest of his race, Cato can control his tail's actions. After losing one of his arms, Cato gains a pulse cannon that can fire concentrated solar blasts.

Weapons and ArmourEdit

Cato's signature armour is made from silicon carbide reinforced with Pladamond and Finallite, two strong crystal ores found on his home planet. His helmet is capable of opening out to expose his head.