Cato Hostinyus


The Zestronite Empire - Field Marshal

Race Zestronite



Evirak Romanus - Emperor

Kyax Romanus - Superior

Enemies Drake Ryunexo - Nemesis
Themes Cato -

Cato Hostinyus, or in ancient Zestronite, Katon Hostinyak is Evirak's field marshall. He is cruel and ruthless and will obey Evirak if neccesary. He will however hesitate to harm the defenceless. (children mainly)


Early YearsEdit

Cato's past is not known, even to him. All he recalls is being in a gang of criminals called "The triangle." He was eventually caught and locked away in prison. Evirak noticed his bizarrely high power level and broke him out. He then recruited Cato into his rebellion against Roarak. Evirak built his Empire with Cato at his side but Cato sometimes disagreed with Evirak's ideals and tried to spare many people, Only for Evirak to kill the people himself.

Arrival on EarthEdit

Cato was sent to earth by Evirak who was watching him in Alpha Station. He was told to invade the Earth with Kyrax by any means necessary. He helped Kyrax put up the energy shield and Evirak told him to begin operation Parasite. At this, Cato sent a scanning missile to fly over the Phazon territory and the Xanian territory. They now had a layout of their territory.


Cato began to feel compassion for the humans and immediatly stopped the skinning of children to make androids. He openly admitted that he hated the treatment Evirak was making hin enact upon them. When He discovered that Christmas was coming, he decided that it would be neccesary to atleast let them celebrate it. This decision did not side well with Evirak.


Cato broadcasted himself apologising to the people of Earth. At which Evirak had already teleported to Earth. Evirak's royal guards appeared behind Cato and beat him mercillesly. Cato was dragged out of frame and a shot from Evirak's gun was heard. The camera rolled over revealing Evirak had shot Cato in the head.