Calitis Charles Monroe Jr.


Freedom Fighters

CaliTech Industries

Aliases Cal (Shortened name)
Race Human (Cyborg)

Henry Monroe - Grandfather

Calitis Monroe Sr. - Father

Judith Monroe - Mother

Robert Monroe - Brother

Beauregard Monroe - Cousin

Bartholomew Monroe - Uncle



Allies Freedom Fighters

CaliTech Industries

Forsaken Fighters



Legion of Phazon

Zestronite Empire

Karvon Hakar - Arch Rival

Beauregard Monroe - Arch-Nemesis

Chadwell - Arch-Nemesis


Professor Calitis Monroe is a skilled scientific human cyborg, a member of Freedom Fighters and the founder and CEO of CaliTech Industries.



Early LifeEdit

Calitis was the eldest child of the wealthy Calitis Monroe Sr., but moved from England to America at a young age. Calitis was fascinated with engineering and science, and studied it at an unspecified college. At the age of 19, Calitis fought in the Vietnam War, although an injury resulted in him becoming wheelchair-bound. Calitis left the military and to continue studying engineering and science. Calitis then became the first human with cybernetic implants, and became a famous professor and founder of the CaliTech Industries corportation, who created robots and cybernetics for others, he also gained a rival in the form of Vorheim Industries. When the Phazons initially arrived, they targetted Calitis and demanded he build them weapons. After helping them, they turned back on their deal and blew up his company's building with him inside, although he survived the incident.

Freedom FightersEdit

Calitis was later met by Risu, Vzark, Wallace, Carroon and their friends, and helped them with their services. The group later names themselves the Freedom Fighters. Calitis helped them through various tasks, and created Ketri a mechanical leg to help him walk properly, and accompanied the group to Squirreldonia. Calitis was later forced to construct a robotic body for Ketri and implanted his brain into it, due to the intoxication Ketri recieved from having his leg amputated. Calitis helped the Freedom Fighters battle against the Legion of Phazon in the Magma Dome and helped combat the Aztecs and the Azure Dragon. Calitis later fought Karvon in New Vexia, with Calitis winning due to Karvon escaping. Calitis later scanned the mind of a deceased Trion that Cade had brought back, and gave it a mind that made it willing to clean things up in the HQ.

The BunkerEdit

Calitis then accompanied the Freedom Fighters to the ruins of CaliTech Industries, where, after recovering some Finallite Reactors, they are attacked by Rykkon and his squad. Rykkon's squad are quickly killed and he is defeated, but he quickly captures Bzine. Calitis later sent  the Freedom Fighters to the recently crashed Xenovian asteroid, where they collected various fauna and an egg. After they returned, Calitis vowed to raise the Xenovian that would hatch like a human and not like a violent predator.


Calitis later set off to Altun Ha to complete the Sword of Aztec, but was captured by the Confederacy of Bounty Hunters and brought to a warehouse in Brazil. Luckily, some of the other Freedom Fighters arrived and freed him, but the arrival of Red Zealot forced them to escape. They returned to Altun Ha to complete the Sword, awakening the Almanacs of Time, which he and Risu agreed to begin gathering.

Quest for the Almanacs and Other ConflictsEdit

Calitis spearheaded the search for the Almanacs, contacting his old friend Kailash Bahjit for assistance, and revealing some of his past to his friends. After the quest, he was abducted by the Machinists during a trip to the now militarised Rhode Island, he was soon rexvued by his friends. Later, Calitis assisted the group during the attack the Wing Fortress, where he fought his cousin Beauregard Monroe. Calitis was later forced to repair a machine that could send Korgan back to his dimension, although he showed reluctance with working alongside Lyra. Calitis was amongst those who travelled to Phazon.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Calitis has various weapons hidden within his cybernetic body, including missile launchers, blasters and machine guns. Calitis also has jet boosters in his cybernetic feet, and has a pair of missile launchers hidden inside his mechanical hat. Calitis can also fire his fist off of his arm as a means of attack.


Calitis is very calm and easy going, and does not like to show aggression, mainly due to bad memories from the Vietnam War, although he can be upbeat and hardy when he is in combat. Calitis seems to enjoy adventure, often being the first to opt into going on a quest, and also enjoys puzzles and riddles. Calitis can also be gruff and very confident in himself and allies, and always tries to give things a positive attitude. Calitis can often become excited over machinery, computing, science, ancient history or biology, and has a hobby of collecting eggs from various species, no matter if they are from Earth or not, and raise them. Calitis seems to be very secretive.