Cadius Julius Quadroceptus


Freedom Fighters

Race Redline Tetrocomban

Deciduous Quadroceptus - Father

Ginevra Quadroceptus - Mother

Helioptican Quadroceptus - Sister

Hardware Quadrocepus - Brother

Decerus Quadroceptus - Grandfather

Orion Quadroceptus - Brother

Seamus Quadroceptus - Nephew

Phazenus Quadroceptus - Sister-in-Law


Freedom Fighter

Mari-Anne Kaitlin - Girlfriend




Hardware Quadroceptus - Nemesis

Cato Legolias - Arch-Nemesis


Cade -

Cade (Battle) -

Cade (Superpowered) -

Cade (Master Swordsman) -

Man of the Storm -

Pride -

Stand Off -

Cade (Firestorm) -

Cade (Pyrofire) -

Red Lightning -

Sandwalker -

Cade Quadroceptus is a Redline Tetrocombian warrior and a member of the Freedom Fighters, being one of it's leaders. He wields a sword called Ikari Asunder.


Scourge of TetrocombinusEdit

Destination: EarthEdit

Cade accompanied Helioptican to a mysterious temple, where she gained her Gamma Lock Hammer. They later travelled to Earth after learning Hardware and Orion were here. The two were seperated after crashibg into a second pod, with Helioptican landing in Brazil while Cade landed in England with the other pod. Cade managed to save Gero and Warren, the passengers of the pod, from being hanged, and Cade fought Pharon, severing his leg. Cade took Gero and Warren to an island far west, where they were captured by the Legion of Phazon.


Cade, Gero and Warren were imprisoned in the Bermuda Tower, where they were shortly liberated by the Freedom Fighters. The three escaped the tower as it was destroyed. Cade later took Gero and Drake back to England to fight Evirak.

Helping the Freedom FightersEdit

Cade later returned after the Jackal, Vzark's ship, was attacked by the Legion of Phazon and Zestronite Empire. Cade then permanently joined the Freedom Fighters here. Cade later accompanied the group to Squirreldonia and helped the House of Cards on Eris, where he met Mari-Anne. After returning to Earth, Cade assisted the Freedom Fighters face the Legion of Phazon in the Magma Dome, where he was defeated by Orion. Cade also helped fight the Rogues, where he fought Vangus, while Vzark fought Angola and Risu fought Meda.

The Akane Clan and the Aztec ArmadaEdit

Cade later helped fight the Akane Clan, but was captured by the Legion of Phazon. He escaped, and helped the Freedom Fighters fight the Aztecs. He helped defeat Matrix after they arrived on Easter Island.

Azure DragonEdit

Cade later battled the monstrous Azure Dragon when it attacked Ohio, and he, Vzark and Helioptican managed to defeat it.

Encounter with a DemigodEdit

Cade later detected a strange energy wave on the Moon and checked it out. Here, he met the Heliosian Rhydiac, who fired a Mind Crystal at Cade, taking control of him. Cade was sent to attack the Freedom Fighters but was stopped by Mari-Anne and Helioptican.

New VexiaEdit

Cade later travelled to New Vexia with some of the Freedom Fighters, where he fought Cato and Vakron.

The Trions Cade later had a run in with the Trion Resistance, where he bought one of them back to base after they was killed.

When Rhydiac StrikesEdit

Cade later met Rhydiac once again in South Dakota, where he, along with Trish, Warren, Vera, Vzark and Bzine, fought him. He later joined the Freedom Fighters that were heading to Fiji, wanting to rechallenge Rhydiac. Unfortunately, the broadcast they saw was faked and they were attacked by Operation Cretaceous. Luckily, Cade, with the help of Vzark and Warren, destroyed Seige, causing the other dinosaurs to flee, but the Freedom Fighters were attacked by twins Oriax and Berith. The two later fled after stating they were needed, but had brought the Freedom Fighters into a trap as Lyra's squad had surrounded the Jackal. Rhydiac arrived, wanting to finish his job with the Freedom Fighters and wanting to destroy the Legion for making a fake broadcast about him. After a brief scuffle, Lyra, Oriax and Berith fled the scene, while Cade attacked Rhydiac and sent him plummeting into the sea. Rhydiac, however, created a giant body for himself made of water, ice and rock. The group quickly boarded the Jackal and flew off, but Rhydiac chased them. Rhydiac created a giant wall to prevent their escape, but they managed to get away thanks to Vzark and Risu.

The AsteroidEdit

Cade later travelled to the crashed Xenovian asteroid and accompanied Risu's group through the damp insides, where he found an egg. He later encountered the Xenovians' queen, who he killed in the ensuing chaos, he proceeded to blow up the lower foundations of the asteroid, causing it to sink and flood. Luckily the group returned with some specimens, including the egg he found earlier.

The FallEdit

Cade was a part of the bad up squad in the botched attack on the Zestronites. He witnessed Armadaus' death and was captured. After being freed by Elbira, he carried Armadaus' body back to base.

The Island in the SkyEdit

Cade later travelled to the newely created Island of Babylon to figure out what Matrix was planning. Matrix brought 8 temples to the island and completed the Sword of Aztec, which Cade stole before flying off. He later accompanied the group to rescue Calitis, where he fought October briefly before witnessing the power of Red Zealot.

Quest for the AlmanacsEdit

Cade accompanied the other Freedom Fighters in the quest for the other Almanacs, where he fought Rhydiac in the Yonaguni Temple, and fought against the Zestronites, Confederacy of Bounty Hunters and Matrix, gaining the remaining Almanacs. He travelled to Altun Ha with the others, where Matrix transported it to the Island of Babylon, where he harnessed the Almanac's power, along with that of the Sword of Aztec, to bring ruins from the Moon to the Island. He then sent the Freedom Fighters back to where Altun Ha originally was.

Wing FortressEdit

Cade was among those who stormed the recently launched Wing Fortress, where he fought Kodac. Eventually, Phazorus had attacked and Cade was among those who were viciously attacked by him. He was transported from the Wing Fortress by an unknown figure.

Phazon and Thu'unEdit

Cade later travelled with the group to Phazon, the homeworld of Phazorus, where they helped Phazteagle and Phade by collecting special keys and stealing the Source from Phazorus. He assisted the rescue party consisting of Risu, Warren, Fangrir and Grey, where he fought against Wulfgang, but was quickly defeated by being shoved through a wall, he later watched the fight between Wulfgang and Vzark, and Cantoski's deception.


Cade has various abilities that he has at his disposal. This includes abilities he possesses as a Redlined Tetrocombian, his Soul Forge power and his sword skills. Like other Tetrocombians, Cade is able to fly freely in the air, and his strength increases whenever he recovers from the verge of death.

Redlined AbilitiesEdit

Soul Forge: LightningEdit


Redlined (Second Stage)Edit

Crimsonlined (Third Stage)Edit

Blacklined (Fourth Stage)Edit

Soul Forge: Kaminari no IkariEdit