Armadaus Xerox


Freedom Fighters

Race Klaveran

Warren Xerox - Brother

Naro Xerox - Father

Jenna Xerox - Mother

Vzark Ryddias - Adoptive Father


Wallace Bryce - Comrade

Risu Cadius - Comrade

Vzark Ryddias - Comrade

Carroon Homas- Comrade

Zaris Windhelm - Comrade

Phazaron Damius - Comrade

Cade Quadroceptus - Comrade


Evirak Romanus - Nemesis

Hardware - Nemesis


Armadaus -

Death -

Armadaus is a skillful and intelligent Klaveran member of the Freedom Fighters. He is a strong fighter and has a grudge against Evirak for destroying Klavera. He is, however, occupied with the Legion of Phazon. He has a large Z-shaped marking on his back.


Early YearsEdit

Armadaus was born to Jenna and Naro Xerox. He had one younger brother, Warren whom he spent alot of time with. Warren studied medicine and neurology where as Armadaus was great with technology and chemicals.

Armadaus Xerox

The Destruction Of KlaveraEdit

When the Zestronites placed a Nefronium Fusion Bomb at the center of Klavera, Armadaus was 18 at the time. Everyone on Klavera soon knew of the bomb as Evirak hacked into their communications and told them of their predicament. Armadaus' parents then came in and told Warren and Armadaus to enter the escape pods. When they set off, the saw Klavera explode. As they were escaping, Armadaus' pod was hit by a Zestronite blast and sent off course to Cyanic.

Arrival On EarthEdit

When he arrived on Earth, a group of people, most of them from alien origin, quickly hid him from sight of the humans. They gave him a hologram disguise which would fool humans. Due to Armadaus not having working legs, he was disguised as a boy in a wheel chair. He also met a fellow Klaveran, Vzark, who adopted Armadaus as his son. Armadaus however does not see Vzark as a father, only as a friend. The Phazons then landed on Earth at which Armadaus and the group came out of hiding and had ended up fighting them various times.


When Armadaus met Drake, Drake began insulting his friends. Armadaus put paralsis cuffs and left him there as punishment. Armadaus released Drake. Drake was taken with the Freedom Fighters to strike at the Phazons once more, infiltrating their newly built tower. Risu eventually caused the Phazon second-in-command, Hardware to supposedly die. Warren, who was kept in captivity by Hardware, was freed, and reunited with Armadaus. Armadaus didn't care much for Drake's hostile attitude for much longer after. Armadaus was breifly under Matrix's influence due to bearing a Mark of Aztec

The X-ArenEdit

Verruckt, the leader of the Vektors managed to alert the Zestronites and fled the scene. The Zestronites then discovered Freedom HQ and captured almost everyone there (As Iora, Jack, Hex, Ria and Horace had evaded capture) at the time, including Armadaus. While being interrogated, A mysterious group attacked the X-Aren and after trying kill Evirak, Armadaus escaped.

Project Exon CorruptorEdit

Armadaus played a small role in killing Ruselt in Project Exon Corruptor but spent most of the time watching over Warren hoping to protect him from harm. When the Freedom Fighters crashed in antarctica, Armadaus was nearly bitten by one of Hellrath's soldiers but Warren stood in the way and took the bite. Armadaus became ever more watchfull over Warren and cared for him when Verruckt attacked rather then defending himself.


The Freedom Fighters went on a mission to the arctic at which Armadaus soon found himself at the North Pole. Armadaus soon discovered something hidden beneath the ice and burrowed under. He found a portal to which he entered. He entered the realm of an ancient being known as Neuron. Neuron supplied Armadaus with a cure to the nefronium infection. Armadaus discovered a shelf in Neuron's library. It contained many books on his life until he saw the end of it. Armadaus found a model of a tomb stone. Armadaus left the realm and returned to HQ with the cure. He had to strap Warren and Bzine to a medical chir in order to administer the cure. He cured Warren and Bzine and helped them into their quarters. The cure had some side effects and made Warren and Bzine weak.

Freeing Warren and BzineEdit

Armadaus discovered that Warren and Bzine had been kidnapped. He immediatly followed a blood trail which lead to purposful tire tracks. He followed the tire tracks until it led him to a small building containing mutilated corpses. Each corpse had its teeth knocked out. Armadaus took the hint and went to the dentistry. On the way there, Jackson joined Armadaus. Armadaus and Jackson faced Cephei. Cephei hit them both almost knocking them out. Cephei took Jackson to the roof where to which he threw him off. Fortunatly for Jackson, Drake caught him but just left him outside regardless of saving his life. Armadaus was dragged into the room Warren and Bzine were in. Armadaus was then beaten up by Cephei until Drake arrived. Drake had a brief fight with Cephei and Vzark soon arrived after beating Sirius. Vzark and Verruckt had a fight which resulted in accidently knocking Cephei down the elvator shaft. Armadaus untied Warren where as Drake untied Bzine. They all evacuated the building but Vzark turned into a werewolf and beat Verruckt to near death. Vzark then jumped out the building as the bombs went off. Verruckt was seemingly killed.

Matrix and the Azure DragonEdit

When Armadaus returned to the others, he was attacked by Aztecs. He then confonted Matrix, who was responsible for creating them. Matrix was soon defeated by the other Freedom Fighters. Some time later, Freedom HQ was attacked by the Azure Dragon, which Drake and Zaris helped disable.


Armadaus went with Warren to New York where they confronted Verruckt. When he was captured, Much like Warren, Armadaus felt doubt. When Armadaus returned to the FHQ, he heard noises in Vzark's ship and realised Verruckt had escaped and taken control of the AI. The AI then grabbed Armadaus and placed paralysis cuffs on him. Verruckt then locked him in a compartment with the other hostages. He was later freed by Warren and he witnessed Bzine kill Ganken.

Vera and HalerEdit

Warren and Armadaus saw something crash near Freedom HQ. They investigated the wreckage to see a crashed ship containing a girl (Vera) and a man (Dracorex). Armadaus and Warren took Vera and Dracorex back to base where they introduced themselves. Haler then appeared and threw everyone into a portal leading them into the Forest of Torment. This was cut short when they soon appeared back at Freedom HQ

The TrainEdit

After several events, Kythor, the phazon AI had changed sides and told Calitis' about a plot against the freedom fighters. He was told about a train contianing a bomb that heads straight into Ohio. The freedom Fighters quickly go to the train and Armadaus looks to find a bomb. Armadaus detaches the carriges from the front carrige but Hardware appears and the carriges reconnect. As Armadaus looks for the controls to stop the train, Hardware reveals that it is remote controlled. Hardware then knees Armadaus in the stomach. The Trions suddenly arrive and attack the Freedom Fighters and Phazons. Hardware throws Armadaus out of the carrige but he grabs onto the back of the train and gets on. He then spots Equilatrium aiming for a certain carrige. Armadaus fights his way to the carrige Equilatrium was going for. Armadaus is however blasted away by Hardware. A fight between Risu, Hardware and Equilatrium then ensues. Armadaus then gets on the Jackal which slowly attempts to take the bomb from the train. Hardware is then eliminated when the train approaches a tunnel. He is smashed into two and he then explodes. Equilatrium however jumped off. The Jackal then destroys a bridge infront of the train and flies off with the bomb. The bomb is then dropped into the sea and everyone returns to Freedom HQ.


The Freedom Fighters see news reports of more flooding on the island of Fiji. Some of the Freedom Fighters including Warren, Vera and Armadaus go on the jackal and head to the scene. It is revealed to be a Phazon trap as cybernetic dinosaurs called Cretaceous, Saurian, Siege, Utah, Pyre and Permaid. After the are defeated, two twins called Oriax and Berith Orieus. At first the group mock the twins for being so laughable at how cheesy they are. After a brief fight, Oriax and Berith are called off by Lyra. A high ranking member of the Legion of Phazon. The group is then attacked by Rhydiac again but they manage to get on there ship and escape back to HQ.

Hostage situationEdit

Warren, Vzark and Trish had been taken captive by the Akane Clan. The Akane Clan left a note saying that all Freedom Fighters should surrender to them or the hostages will be killed. The Freedom Fighters then had to confront the Akane Clan in Peru where their base was. Elbrian revealed to have possession of a vapor cannon. Kythor however took control of it and deactivated it. The Akane clan retreated and the Freedom Fighters released the hostages and went home.


Cylus arrived at the base to inform everyone of the plan to get the files back. He claimed to have already placed a teleporter in Australia so they can simply go there first. Warren, Armadaus, Vzark, Bzine, Risu, Jackson, Zaris and a few others went. They camped in Australia until it was due for the Zestronite Ambassador to arrive. Bzine pretended to be a Xanian soldier so he could pretend to be capturing the others.He walked the others up to the Zestronite ship but Warren became inpatient, killed the guards and walked on anyway. Everyone got on as it took off. THe ship got through the barrier and landed in Moscow. Everyone entered saint basil's cathederal to get the files but a hologram of Evirak appeared informing them that it was all a trap. A counter suddenly appeared and it was revealed the room was filled with bombs. Everyone managed to escape through the roof but they were soon surrounded by Zestronites when the building exploded. Evirak then brutally murdered Drake with telekinesis and an Exon blast. Chaos ensued after Warren throw a grenade into a garrison of Zestronites. Evirak then was about to kill Warren with a concentrated Exon blast, but Armadaus pushed him out the way and took the blast instead, killing him in the process.


Like Warren, Armadaus can maintain a positive personality, even though he can get angry easily. He shows frustration to people who think that they are unfortunate. This is because Armadaus had the misfortune of having his home planet destroyed. Though older than Warren, he is not as smart due to the fact Warren has psychic powers. Though not being as clever as Warren, Armadaus still posseses a somewhat genius. Armadaus is very protective over his brother, and will do anything to keep him from harm.