Ancients are beings who have existed since the dawn of time. They are Gods in the fact they cannot be killed, and each have a certain power that is unique to them. Each Ancient owns a realm which they can create in their image. The Ancients are powerful and can infleuence every day life in the universe. They are however all trapped in their realms and are forbidden by Neuron to try and escape them.

List of AncientsEdit

  • Neuron - Ancient of Knowledge
Neuron's realm is of a library. This library is desolute and old and contains all the knowledge of the ages due to being omniscient. He is forbidden however to reveal someone's future if they have not already discovered part of it.
  • Korgan - Ancient of Chaos
Korgan's realm is a large rocky caldera with a  desecrated castle atop of the mountain. His world is full of lava streams, geysers, and pyroclastic flows from the volcano. It rains pH1 acid and there appears to be burned down villages all over the calderea. It is complete with blood red clouds which emit a red lightning. Some villages in his realm remain but are constantly attacked by demonic creatures. Korgan is located within a throne room inside the castle.
  • Tyran - Ancient of Tyranny
Tyran's realm contains a large kingdom that appears to be broken. It is full of slaves that appear starved and injured aswell as stone statue soldiers which the slaves fear. There are many gallows in which there are slaves hanging.
  • Arkan - Ancient of Freedom
Arkan's realm consists of a free world with no unfair leaders and no corruption. Everyone in his realm is happy and it consists of a city aswell as a country village
  • Angel-Ion - Ancient of Courage
Angel-Ion's realm is a large endless fire cave filled with lava, in this realm, Angel-Ion can freely alter between an average size to a gigantic form. He can create endless fires.
  • Consilium - Ancient of Strategy
  • Ryker - Ancient of Willpower
Ryker is the being that created willpower. Ryker's realm contains a neverending desert with a large tower inside, this tower being mechanical, as it is filled to the brim with gears, pistons, electronics and other pieces of machinery. Ryker will await visitors on the top of the tower, where he will increase their willpower and spirit to great heights, regardless of their morality.
  • Electra - Ancient of Love
The diety of the Combian super-race, Electra is the being who created love. Electra's realm appears to be an acropolis with a jet black sky, with pillars of lightning constantly crashing down from it.
  • Renok - Ancient of Fate
Renok is said to have influenced many events on Earth concerning the fates of others. His realm consists of a single chamber with an hourglass in the center. The hourglass shows how long those who view it have to live.
  • Arkrome - Ancient of Deception
Arkrome is viewed as a diety to the Acrodion race, who he shares his deceptive traits with. Arkrome is highly untrustworthy, and deals he makes with mortals often lead to him going back on his word, he will also try to capture mortals in his realm, regardless of who they are. His realm appears to consist of a large arena, which he often uses to have his prisoners fight to the death.
  • Feist - Ancient of Trials
Feist's realm appears to be a large void which constantly varies between green, purple, orange and blue. Feist's realm is filled with spherical planetoids which he often changes, depending on the trial or trials he is giving to those that enter his realm. Feist also guards a large stash of orbs, which have various powers depending on their colour, these orbs must be won by simply completing one or more of his trials.
  • Axeon - Ancient of Judgement
Axeon's realm appears to be a large purple spacial rend with a large rock that drifts in the middle, the rock has two gigantic hourglasses either side which appear to be frozen halfway. In the middle of the rock is a circle with ancient markings etched across. His Universal Hammer was forged out of a rift.

Types of AncientEdit


Royal ancients were the first Ancients to exist, Neuron being the first. Neuron used his own life force to create 4 brothers. Korgan, Tyran, Arkan and Angel-Ion. The royal ancients appear to have however separated from each other. Korgan and Tyran took a darker path and Arkan and Angel-Ion vice versa. Neuron however remained neutral. Each Royal has the ability to make deals with mortals. Tyran and Korgan however have the tendancy to abuse this ability.


Spawn ancients are powerful beings who are created by the royalty. The more evil spawns are created by Korgan or Tyran where as the good spawns are created by Angel-Ion and Arkan. Neuron has only made two spawns.